Sikh body in US urge the government to evacuate Afghan Sikhs hiding in a Kabul Gurdwara


The Gurdwara Karte Parwan in Kabul has become a temporary shelter for more than 250 Sikhs who are in hiding from Afghanistan’s new regime, the Taliban.

A Sikh community-based organization in the US is now urging the US government to send support to evacuating them from the potential death trap.

On Sunday, August 22, United Sikhs said in a statement, “There are more than 260 Afghan citizens left at Gurudwara Karte Parwan in Kabul including women and over 50 children. This includes three newborns with one born yesterday.”

As of now, the only country that has acted quickly to help evacuate Afghan Sikhs in India, who had stepped up the efforts immediately after the news of the Taliban takeover hit the media.

“We are in communication with governments in the United States, Canada, Pakistan, Australia, New Zealand, Tajikistan, Iran and the United Kingdom among others,”” the United Sikhs said.

“We are also in communication with international aid agencies and non-governmental organizations trying to support rescue efforts in Afghanistan. In addition, our teams are communicating with companies that can execute rescue efforts on the ground in Afghanistan,” it said.

According to the United Sikhs, the 10-kilometer drive to the international airport in Kabul from Gurdwara Karte Parwan through various checkpoints is one of the biggest challenges in the rescue efforts. Few Afghan minority members have unsuccessfully attempted to make this trip last week, it said.

“We are ready to go to the airport, but we fear the cancellation of evacuation flights from the Kabul airport. This is our only chance to take out the women, children, elderly, and infants from the country. Once current authorities capture the whole country it will be the end of our community,” said Surbeer Singh from Jalalabad who has taken refuge at the Gurdwara.