US Senate leader highlights the importance of the tie between India and US


In a recent US-India Strategic Partnership Forum (USISPF), that was organized virtually, a US Senate leader expressed his interest in enhancing ties with India and called for economic strengthening between the two countries.

US Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer discussed the strategic partnership between the two countries, working with Quad members, strengthening economic ties, immigration, and fighting terrorism and said, “I’m going to find ways for Congress to continue promoting our two countries mutual defense, including working with QUAD members.”

“America is a whole lot better off because of the long strong and crucial friendship between India and the United States,” Schumer said on Wednesday, Sept. 30, 2021.

Schumer, also said that the Indian Americans directly influence and enriches his home state. “Indian American community, embodies what the American dream has always been about, of coming to the country, working hard, and when you work hard you help yourselves, you build a better life for your children, but you also enrich, New York, and our country,” the leader said on top of his remarks.

He mentioned how he will use his ‘clout’ to make sure that America and India stay close together. “We will create new opportunities in this century to prosper together, and that Indian Americans are given the full benefits of life in America free of discrimination,” Schumer affirmed.

Schumer insisted that the two democracies must continue to strengthen and cooperate on the economic ties. “This means Congress must find opportunities to invest in the industries, critical to both our countries from biotech and semiconductors and information technology. These are good-paying jobs that strengthen both economies, but we also must work to break new grounds on the technologies that will shape life in the 21st century,” he asserted.

“I’m proud to say that a few months ago, the Senate passed bipartisan legislation that I put together and that will pass through the Senate that would make historic investments in these technologies, and at the same time using those investments to bring our two countries closer together,” the Senate leader added.

Touching upon issues like hate and bigotry, Schumer said that discrimination against Indian Americans is still not defeated.

“I was so proud to stand arm in arm with the Indian American community and so many others and I made sure as Majority Leader, to pass the anti-Asian hate crimes bill this year in the Congress. But no matter how you slice it, hate and discrimination or unAmerican bigotry against one is bigotry against all,” Schumer added.