Numly launches software to upskill and reskill military veterans for Jobs


Silicon Valley-based Numly™, Inc., a leading provider of NumlyEngageTM, an AI-driven, Peer Coaching platform for critical skills, that accelerates employee engagement, performance, and growth for corporate customers, especially in the new normal of hybrid work environment, has developed a software to help veterans and their families to reskill and find a job.


The launch announcement was made at the HR Technology 2021 Conference in Las Vegas earlier this month.


“We are the first Silicon Valley company to launch a Peer-Coaching and Upskilling Network for our Veterans, their spouses, and their families to upskill and reskill, so they can find really good jobs and grow their careers in the civilian space,” Madhukar Govindaraju, founder and CEO of Numly told indica News.


“We are particularly passionate about this as this is a wonderful way for us to give back to the thousands of Veterans who have served our country,” Govindaraju said. “As we end the 20-year in Afghanistan, Numly’s partnership with Veterans Ascend would be very huge for all employers such as Procter and Gamble, Merck, Ford, GM and others who are looking to bring in Veterans to join their workforce. This is a huge use case for Numly’s industry-leading Peer Coaching SaaS Platform.”


Numly and Veterans ASCEND have announced a multi-year strategic partnership to support military veterans, their spouses, and families in their transition to the civilian workforce, through skills matching, critical skills development, and peer coaching for even greater long-term success.


The partnership aims at making this transition easier and more effective by helping the veterans develop the right kind of skillset required for their new job role, through peer coaching, and aid in finding jobs in high-growth companies that are matched to their skills.


Veterans ASCEND, is an AI-powered Talent Sourcing platform in Simpsonville, South Carolina. Using algorithms, military and civilian occupations are translated into a skills profile that is then instantly matched to employers intentionally looking for skilled military talent.

Veterans ASCEND and Numly™ would provide critical skills development while creating long-term success for nation’s military in transition through peer coaching. Through this partnership, military veterans can choose from Numly’s™ content library of free training according to the Veterans ASCEND press note.

Peer coaching SaaS Platform is part of NumlyEngageTM, an AI-driven, and has been developed for critical skills, that accelerates employee engagement, performance, and growth for corporate customers, especially in the new normal of hybrid work environment.

The NumlyEngage™ platform uses its AI-driven Propensity Scoring to automatically match coaches and learners, based on self-evaluation of each employee per skill.

The platform features built-in coaching programs, curated learning content, as well as integrations with third-party learning management systems, making it easy to ramp up and see results in 100 days.


When did you develop this idea and the SaaS-based tool? 

Numly was conceived around 2017, after Govindaraju realized the limitations of conventional classroom training and Critical Skills are not a “nice-to-have” but a “must-have” for today’s workforce. They’re the skills of the future.

Through Numly’s platform, users can leverage built-in programs and 3rd party learning content to develop their specific skills.

They can:

  1. Select a skill à la carte or choose from a wealth of built-in programs
  2. Learn more effectively and contextually with personalized learning paths
  3. Receive AI-driven, personalized content
  4. Leverage curated content or complement and extend E-learning via 3rd party integrations with WorkDay, CornerStone, Oracle, EdCast, and Coursera