Fallen Georgia-Based Police Officer Paramhans Desai was a Hero



Officer Paramhans Desai, the brave, fallen Henry County Officer and hero, always ever only wanted to become a police officer, avows his elder sister, Divya Desai, at the funeral service held Sunday, Nov. 14, at the Henry County Performing Arts Center. Attended by hundreds of law enforcement officers and community people, Desai said, “His job was everything. When he wasn’t working, he was talking to us about his job. He tried being an investigator but he just didn’t like it.”

“A police officer is how I want to die,” Divya recalls, as stated in www.fox5atlanta.com. She and her younger sibling were born in India, lived a while in Ohio and then settled down in Georgia, with Officer Desai having dedicated 17 years to law enforcement.

Recalling the last phone call she had with him, she says, “He handed over the phone to wife and in the background, he said tell my sister I love her,” she said. Just an hour later, Officer Desai was shot when he answered a domestic dispute call from McDonough, on November 4.

www.fox5atlanta.com reported, Divya says she and the family tried hard to remain hopeful but “They had already told us. They just had to do a few tests before they could finally confirm,” she elaborates. “We were going into the hospital every day, waiting for a miracle. Maybe he’ll wake up again, even though in the back of our minds we knew he wouldn’t wake up.”

Being a disciplined person, Officer Desai worked out regularly in order to stay healthy, Divya shares, recalling how new workout equipment always made him happy. An affectionate, community serving-man that he was, Officer Desai loved his family, wife, and two young boys – all of who have to now learn to live life without him. “[His son] keeps looking at me and keeps saying, why can’t they have helmets? Why can’t police officers wear helmets? Why can’t they be saved?”

Even in death, he helped save many lives by donating his organs. “He wanted to donate all his organs. That heart that he worked out so hard for to keep his heart healthy went to somebody else. That is who he is. He is a hero after death,” Divya affirms.

During funeral services, Henry County Police Chief Mark Amerman called Officer Desai a hero for his actions on a fateful day and long before that. “He was a hero in the loving way he devoted himself to his wife and family,” Amerman avers. “He was a hero when he answered the call that fateful day.”

On social media, legions of people sent prayers and strength to the Desai family in this dark hour, remarking how it was a privilege to have worked with Officer Desai or seen him conduct his duty with honor.