Eminent UC Berkeley professor emeritus DasGupta passes away



An eminent Indian American professor at U C Berkeley University passed away peacefully at age 88 on Thursday, March 17.

Dr. Jyotirindra (“Jyoti”) DasGupta, Professor Emeritus of Political Science, came to the United States in 1961 from Kolkata as a doctoral student.

After that, he had spent 61 years in Berkeley contributing extensively in political science. In Berkeley, joined the faculty in 1965, while simultaneously pursuing his PhD. He taught in the department until his retirement as a full Professor of Political Science in 1995.

From assistant to associate professor political science University California, Berkeley, 1966-1980, Dr. DasGupta led a very fruitful life. He then became professor political science, since 1981, and then become a coordinator program in development studies, since 1975, chairman Center for South and Southeast Asia Studies, since 1984.

His accomplishments were many, among them establishing and chairing the Development Studies program, his groundbreaking work on language politics and ethnicity in South Asia, and his work with the Center for South and Southeast Asian Studies (now the Institute for South Asia Studies), which he also chaired for a short time.

He served in the Faculty Group in Asian Studies and on the board of the journal Asian Survey for many years as well.

As Professor Emeritus, he kept up in his field, published regularly, and advised graduate students for decades after his official retirement.

A fixture at the old Barrows Hall, he spent nearly 60 years of his life walking the halls of that building and kept an office there until just a few years ago. His most recent works focused on issues of federalism and elections in India.

He is survived by his wife of 57 years, Rupasree, daughter Modhurima (“Rima”), son-in-law Jonathan Eldridge, and his beloved granddaughter, Mira.