Sikh couple sells gas cheaper to help Americans

Ritu Jha-

June 10, in parts of Arizona gas, hit a high of $5.295 per gallon, and diesel was worth $5.802, What with the inflation being at a four-decade high and families struggling with rising costs, one Indian-American Sikh couple who own a gas station decided to step up.

Ramandeep Kaur and her husband Jaswinder Singh, who run a gas station and CK Food Mart, a convenience store station at the corner of Osborn Road and 20th Street in Phoenix, Arizona, sold their regular gas at $5.19, and their diesel at a low $4.93 per gallon, and others were selling at $5.49.

Singh, who was busy with his customers when indica called, still sounded pleased, saying “Khushi ki baat hat [It’s a pleasure to do it].” His wife said the outlet sells about 2,000 gallons of gas every day.

“Every time they send us to load it’s a different price,” Kaur said. “The price has gone up by a dollar since March 2022. In March the price was approx $4:39 a gallon in Phoenix and now in June it’s $5.49. However, we are the cheapest in a town.”

“During hard times, we try to help people, she said. “We did this in 2015 – lowered the gas price and this one we started in March.” In 2015, they sold gas at $1.99 a gallon, at a time prices there were well over $2.

“It’s not a donation,” Kaur said. “We are just trying to help people. This is a very hard time for them… We are doing our part.” She added that their customers could buy something else with the saved money.

Asked how long she wants to continue selling gas at such low rates, Kaur laughed a little and said, “As long as we can.”

Kaur said that after they got media attention, the supplier offered to help, too.

“So, now we won’t be making a profit, or losing money,” she said.

“What we are doing is what we have learned from our parents,” Kaur said: “sanskar [values], what our family, our Indian culture, teaches us.”