Chief Justice of India in New York: Country’s journey is testimony to power of democracy


Chief Justice of India Nuthalapati Venkata Ramana said in New York Thursday that it is essential that people, particularly students and youth, realise the importance of democracy.

While speaking at Columbia University, he said, “The 75-year long journey of my country so far is a testimony to the power of democracy. It is essential that people, particularly the students and youth, realise the importance of democracy.”

“It is only through your active participation that democracy can be sustained and strengthened. Only a truly democratic order can be the foundation for lasting peace in the world,” he added.

Justice Ramana remembered Dr. B.R. Ambedkar, the chief of India’s Constituent Assembly and Independent India’s first Law Minister. “Long years ago, B.R. Ambedkar walked through the corridors of this great seat of learning. Today, I had the honor of walking in his footsteps. It is an emotional moment for me. I do not have a privileged background,” he said.

Justice Ramana said, “I am the son of an ordinary farmer. I am the first in the family to get a university education. Today, I am standing here as the Chief Justice of India. Such a possibility arose because of the most progressive and futuristic Constitution of India that was drafted under the leadership of B.R. Ambedkar. I, and millions more like me, will forever remain indebted to the visionary.”

Justice Ramana visited Columbia University in New York and paid rich tributes to one of its distinguished alumni B.R. Ambedkar. He was received at Columbia Law School by Adam Kolker, Dean and Executive Director of the Office of International and Comparative Law Programs. Justice Ramana paid floral tributes at Ambedkar’s bust situated in the Library Building of the University.

“When the transformational journey of the young republic of India is recorded in history books, a credit will be given to the Constitution of India and the people’s faith in it. It is my honor to be standing here today, in this institution, which has produced many world leaders, including Ambedkar. He was one of the founders of modern India. His life has inspired generations of Indians to believe in their own worth and identity,” he further said.