Indian mission in Canada asks documentary poster to be withdrawn


The Indian High Commission in Canada has asked organizers to withdraw a documentary film poster at Aga Khan Museum in Toronto citing complaints from leaders of the Hindu community in Canada about “disrespectful depiction of Hindu Gods.”

“Our Consulate General in Toronto has conveyed these concerns to the organizers of the event,” read the statement.

The controversy began after filmmaker Leena Manimekalai shared the poster on social media depicting a woman dressed as Goddess Kaali smoking a cigarette.

“We are also informed that several Hindu groups have approached authorities in Canada to take action. We urge the Canadian authorities and the event organizers to withdraw all such provocative material,” the High Commission said.

Manimecklai tweeted in Tamil on Monday: “The film revolves around the events that take place one evening, when Kali appears and strolls the streets of Toronto. If you see the picture, don’t put the hashtag “arrest Leena manimekalai” and put the hashtag “love you Leena manimekalai”.