3rd i’s International South Asian Film Festival starts Nov. 12


The 19th edition of the annual San Francisco International South Asian Film Festival (SFISAFF) would be virtual again and is scheduled for November 12 through 16.

The theme for this year’s film festival is ‘Bollywood and Beyond’.

The festival will be opening with a much-needed dose of humor featuring 7 Days – a witty, charming and delightful film by Roshan Sethi.

7 Days is a feel-good romantic comedy, about an Indian American couple forced to shelter in place after their first date, only to find out that neither is what their parents made them out to be. The film will be followed by a live Zoom Q&A with the filmmaker and the audience.

This year’s event will also feature a debut movie from the Tamil language that has gained major praise for its critical performance.

‘Koozhangal’ or Pebbles in English directed by P.S. Vinothraj’s has garnered great reviews for sublime theme. The movie has won the Tiger Award at the Rotterdam Film Festival earlier this year. The theme of the movie takes the viewers through a nuanced and sympathetic lens of a father-son drama.

In the documentary category, there are many themes that are aimed at bringing people attention to the persisting societal issues environment, women’s rights and so on.

‘Writing with Fire’ is once such film by Rintu Thomas and Sushmit Ghosh, which had recently won the Sundance Award. The documentary takes the viewers to the incendiary newsroom of Khabar Lahariya, India’s only newspaper run by Dalit women. It gives a peek into the inner workings of a newspaper and a critique of government malfeasance, patriarchy, and rampant gender and caste violence.

Also on the documentary docket is Rubika Shah’s White Riot, an energizing look at a vital national protest movement from 1970s Britain, Rock Against Racism (RAR), which is as relevant today as it was back then. Blending fresh interviews with queasy archive footage, Shah’s documentary delves into the how and why of that show, while doubling as a contemporary call to arms against racism.

From art-house classics to documentaries, from innovative and experimental visions to cutting-edge Bollywood, 3rd i Films is committed to promoting diverse images of South Asians through independent film.

Tickets to individual films are $4.99. More information about the festival and tickets will be available on 3rd i’s website by mid-Nov. www.thirdi.org