Wait time for first-time tourist visa interviews reduced, says US envoy Eric Garcetti

United States Ambassador to India Eric Garcetti, on Wednesday, said that the wait time for first-time tourist visa interviews has been reduced by more than 50 per cent, adding that goal for 2023 is to process at least one million visas. Speaking at IIT Delhi, Garcetti highlighted the progress made in visa processing, stating that the US Mission in India is currently processing visas faster than ever before.

US Embassy in India breaks record, issues over 140,000 student visas

The US Embassy and its consulates in India have issued an all-time record of over 140,000 student visas between October 2022 and September 2023. “Our embassy and consulates in India issued an all-time record of more than 140,000 student visas,” the US State Department announced on Tuesday. “From October 2022 through September 2023 (the 2023 federal fiscal year), the Department of State issued a near-record level of nonimmigrant visas of more than 10 million globally.”

US Senate confirms Eric Garcetti as next ambassador to India

The US Senate on Wednesday confirmed the former mayor of Los Angeles, EriC Garcetti, to be the ambassador to India, ending a two-year wait. Garcetti won the mandate by a vote of 52 to 42, a major victory for US President Joe Biden as well, who stuck by his political ally in the face of allegations and the prolonged process that has left the world’s most populous democracies without US representatives.