A former Indian athlete murders wife and mother in the US


In a gruesome story, an Indian man has been charged and alleged of murdering his wife and mother in the US.

Iqbal Singh Boparai, 62, a former Asian Championship bronze medalist winner for India, called the police in Delaware County in Pennsylvania on Sunday morning to admit his crime.

When police arrived at Singh’s home in Newtown Township, they found Singh covered in blood, suffering from self-inflicted stab wounds.

Singh was charged on Monday with first- and third-degree murder, court records show, and remained in custody, denied bail given the nature of the charges.

The former shot-putter won a bronze medal at the 1983 Asian Athletics Championship, which was held in Kuwait. This remained the biggest achievement of his sporting career before he moved to the US.

One of Singh’s close friends said he couldn’t believe the news of the heinous crime committed by Singh.

He said Iqbal migrated to the USA after excelling as an athlete in the 1980s. “He worked with Tata Steel and then he joined Punjab Police as an inspector. He was posted in Jalandhar,” Iqbal’s friend recalled.

Singh was taken to an area hospital for the treatment of self-inflicted injuries, where he remains in police custody, according to reports.

The report said police found an elderly woman’s body on the first-floor bedroom and the second victim’s body on the second-floor bedroom. Both victims, the police said, had stab wounds. “An affidavit written by a detective indicates both victims had their throats slit. Police recovered a knife covered in blood from the kitchen counter,” the report said.

The motive of the murder remains unclear. “At this point, there’s been no previous criminal contact with this individual and so the mystery of why this happened is still a mystery,” said Jack Stollsteimer, a Delaware County District Attorney.

A chilling phone call between Singh and his son brought the responding officers to his home.

“I killed both of them. I killed your mother and grandmother. Call the police to come get me,” he told his son over phone.

“He then talked to his daughter, who was with her brother and told her the same story. That’s when law enforcement was contacted, they arrived and they found Mr Singh covered in blood, injured. But they also found the two deceased individuals in the home,” Stollsteimer said.

Neighbours say the now-accused killer was well-known. He was often seen walking and meditating in the quiet Newtown Square neighborhood. But they say something seemed off a day before the killings.

“He didn’t seem to be his usual self. When he was doing his prayers, I just kind of sensed that he was maybe a little bit off or agitated about something,” neighbor Sue Davison said.