‘A lot has changed, from tech to my hair’, Pichai on completing two decades in Google


On completing 20 years at the company, Alphabet and Google Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sundar Pichai said that a lot has changed since then such as the technology, the number of people using their products, and his hair.

Pichai, who joined the tech giant in 2004 as a product manager, took to Instagram to share a small, heartwarming note on completing two decades in the company.

“April 26, 2004, was my first day at Google. A lot has changed since then – technology, the number of people who use our products… my hair,” he wrote.

However, he mentioned that what hasn’t changed for him is the “thrill I get from working at this amazing company”.

“20 years in, I’m still feeling lucky,” Pichai said.

His post drew a lot of comments from users, congratulating him for completing 20 years at Google.

“Two decades of dedication, twenty years of triumphs, and a legacy of excellence,” a user wrote.

“I cannot decide which achievement is greater, 20 years in all the technological improvements you’ve brought or the fact that you haven’t gone bald after 20 years in tech,” wrote another jokingly.

At Google, Pichai managed product management and innovation aspects for several products such as Chrome and Chrome OS. He also played an important part in the development of Google Drive.

In August 2015, he was appointed the CEO of Google, and in 2019, he took charge as the CEO of Alphabet, the tech giant’s parent company.


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