AAPM to organize virtual COVID-19 Global Summit

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The COVID-19 pandemic is accelerating the need for precision medicine solutions, both within and outside the cancer space. To meet the need of the world, the physicians associated with American Association for Precision Medicine (AAPM) announced its COVID-19 Global Summit (CGS2020) to be held on Saturday, April,18.

AAPM is a nonprofit organization working on a mission to reduce adverse drug events by accelerating the field of precision medicine through research, education, communication, and collaboration to foster new medical breakthroughs.

“The world’s leading doctors, entrepreneurs, cancer and COVID-19 survivors along with experts in the field of precision medicine and digital health will convene virtually,” a press statement released by AAPM said.

The summit is organized in partnership with Gryt Health. “This unique snapshot of an academic-industrial-governmental nexus aims to create and share actionable rapid solutions as they face the challenges of this fast-moving COVID-19 disease,” it added.

This panel of physicians, cancer survivors, and advocates will address how current treatment approaches have changed during the pandemic, as well as how precision medicine will change therapies for cancer in the wake of the coronavirus.

“As we know, the novel coronavirus is a formidable and a common virulent enemy of mankind and we must collaborate globally to meet the challenges that this pandemic poses and make sure we are well prepared for any future outbreaks,” said Dr. Prasun Mishra, CEO and Founder of the Association of Medicine. “We assembled the world’s top medical minds, biotech executives, scientists and entrepreneurs as summit speakers in a matter of days, revealing an unprecedented level of commitment to develop, shape, and apply cutting-edge solutions against an evolving fast-moving scenario.”


The CGS2020, April 18, the opening keynote panel will focus on Precision Medicine in Cancer & COVID-19.

Distinguished Speakers include:

· Dr. George Albert Fisher, Professor of Medicine, GI-Oncologist, Stanford Cancer Institute
· Dr. Chelsea Boet, Colon Cancer survivor, Med-Peds Physician, Spectrum Health
· Dr. Jacob Glanville, Founder & CEO, Distributed Bio
· Dr. Prasun Mishra, CEO & Founder AAPM
· Dr. Morhaf Al Achkar, Lung Cancer survivor, Family Physician UW Medicine
· Dr. Hetal Gor, COVID-19 Patient, Ob-Gyn Physician Women’s OWN Ob-Gyn
· Dr. Rick Pesano, CEO, Pesano LLC, Ex VP & Chief Medical Officer, Quest Diagnostics
· Craig Lipset, Former Head of Innovation, Pfizer
· Dr. Jamie Platt, CEO, BRIDGenomics
· Dr. Bassam El-Fahmawi, President & Chief Technology Officer, Mawi DNA
· Ritesh Patel, Chief Digital Officer, Ogilvy Health
· Dr. Deepak Asudani, Director, Clinical Operations UC San Diego
· Dr. Piyush Mathur, Anesthesiologist & Intensivist, Cleveland Clinic
· Kent Thoelke, EVP & Chief Scientific Officer, PRA Health Sciences
· Peyton Howell, Chief Commercial & Strategy Officer, Parexel
· Dr. Robert Hariri, Chairman & CEO, Celularity, Serial Entrepreneur, Founder, and former CSO and CEO, Celgene (now a subsidiary of Bristol Myers Squibb)

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