After India, ‘Boycott China’ comes to Times Square



Everybody is talking about China, not necessarily in a good way. Lately China has been on an expansion mode, forcefully asserting its stance with its neighbors. Its moves have been threatening the rest of the world, and everybody is only too happy to join the #BoycottChina bandwagon following India.

A group of Indian Americans along with Tibetans and Taiwanese Americans held a protest against “naked Chinese aggression” at Times Square in New York City in the US.

The group held placards of “Boycott China” and “Stop Chinese Abuse” as they shouted slogans against the country.

This happened a day after PM Narendra Modi visited Leh to analyze the ground situation at the borders after the Galwan clash between India and China in which 20 Indian soldiers were martyred.

Since the Galwan standoff between India and China, anti-China protests have broken out in several cities in the United States and scenes in New York looked no different as people were seen holding placards, raising the Indian and Tibetan national flags along with chanting pro-India and anti-china slogans.

The protestors said three Ts can help defeat China as they demanded an end of trade ties with China and the boycott of Chinese good, complete independence of Tibet and total support of Taiwan, according to news agency ANI.

Jagdish Sewhani, the president of the American India Public Affairs Committee, called out China for it “naked aggression”.

“When the world is battling against coronavirus for the last six months, the naked aggression of China against its neighbors and India is totally unacceptable. China wants to dominate the world, China wants to destroy the USA, China wants to destroy India. But this time, for their aggression they have to pay a very, very heavy price,” Sewhani said while speaking to ANI.

“Now look at what has China done within their own country. They are suppressing Hong Kong. They have done ethnic cleansing of Tibetan and look at what they have done to Muslims. The worst human rights violation ever happened in China,” he added.

After India, similar anti-China protests broke out in several cities in the United States. ANI reported Tibetan and Taiwanese activists living in asylum in the United States also joined the protest at Times Square.

Dorjee Tseten, a member of the Tibetan parliament in exile, said the people of Tibet strongly condemn the Chinese military intrusions on Indian soil.

“We call India and world governments to take immediate multilateral action against Beijing’s authoritarian rule by rejecting the ‘One China Policy’ in theory and practice,” Dorjee, who is also an executive director of Students for a Free Tibet, said while speaking to ANI.

The news agency reported similar demonstrations will be seen in other parts of the US in the coming days.

The reason for this newly vigored Chinese aggression towards its neighbors is unclear. Unless China backdown its rigid stance, the boycott movement is only going to gain momentum.