AI, AGI, human consciousness and mathematics

By Mayank Chhaya-

As artificial intelligence, AI, gallops towards becoming artificial general intelligence or AGI, and eventually likely become conscious and sentient, scientists around the world are cautioning that technology companies need to pause and seriously examine its profoundly upending consequences for human society.

One such organization is the Association for Mathematical Consciousness Science or AMCS which in a recent letter said and I quote, In the near future, it is inevitable that such systems will be constructed to reproduce aspects of higher-level brain architecture and functioning. Indeed, it is no longer in the realm of science fiction to imagine AI systems having feelings and even human-level consciousness.

Contemporary AI systems already display human traits recognized in Psychology, including evidence of Theory of Mind.” To understand how far we are from a point where AGI may begin to rival humans in all significant ways, Mayank Chhaya Reports spoke to Dr. Jonathan Mason, an Oxford mathematician and vice chair of the AMCS [Above photo].

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