American India Foundation(AIF) raises $25mn for India


An Indian-American NGO has raised $25 million for Covid-19 assistance to India as the country battles a severe outbreak of the viral disease, its functionaries said.

On Wednesday, May 12, Nishant Pandey, CEO of the American India Foundation (AIF), said, “So far, we have ordered and have commitments for 5,500 oxygen concentrators, 2,300 hospital beds, 25 oxygen plants, and 30,000 non-electric ventilators,”

“The response has been immense and humbling from AIF’s perspective. We have always worked closely with the Indian-American diaspora but the giving we have seen is beyond that and includes those in the community that was not previously connected to AIF,” Pandey said.

“From $5-500,000, Americans have stepped up for the people in India, further cementing the relationship between these two nations. Corporate America as well has gone far beyond what we have seen in the past,” he added.

Pandey expressed his gratitude to Americans and the Biden administration for committing heavily to the crisis.

“Your investment in AIF’s work and the many others working to aid India has made a difference that we are just beginning to see. I would say, keep the faith and keep believing in India. Our countries share a very special relationship and while India needs the US and its people now, the US and its people need India as well,” he said.

AIF was founded in the aftermath of the Gujarat earthquake at the initiative of the then US president Bill Clinton and the then Prime Minister late Atal Bihari Vajpayee.