Amid poor recovery rate from coronavirus in Italy, 101 year old Mr P’s recovery is a ray of hope

fatality rate from coronavirus in Italy

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It is a great boost to the human race as a 101 year old man recovered from the deadly coronavirus. Ravichandran Ashwin, the Indian cricketer showed his happiness and said that the recovery is really a great boost for the human race. The Italian man known as Mr. P recovered from the virus which became a matter of conversation and hope for many. The recovery rate from coronavirus has been poor in Italy with around 10% deaths recorded for positive cases of coronavirus.  


Ashwin showed his happiness on the recovery of the old man from coronavirus in the following words.


“Resolve shown in adversity is a great boost to our human race.” 


Recovery rate from coronavirus in Italy

Recovery rate in Italy from coronavirus in Italy has been the worst in the world with more than 8000 fatalities from over 80000 cases in the country. Mr P was born in the year 1919 and he was admitted in the Rimini hospital after being tested positive for the coronavirus. It’s a great hope for the humankind after an environment of gloom all over the world because of the rising cases and fatalities from the deadly coronavirus. 


Once Mr P recovered from the COVID-19, he became a talking point among all.


Fatality rates from coronavirus in Italy

Fatality rates from the coronavirus has been really very high. One place in Italy, Bergamo has seen the maximum deaths from the coronavirus in the world. Bergamo has recorded more than 1300 fatalities from the deadly coronavirus till now. The ambulance sirens carrying the dead never stop at this place. 


The official deaths from coronavirus in Italy stands at over 8000 though many experts say that the number of deaths have been much more.


With Mr P surviving the deadly virus, there has been a great hope for people in Italy and elsewhere in the world.