Anti-Robocall, Anti-Spoofing Video Caller I.D. AppRolls Out at CES 2020

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Right after US President Donald trump signed an anti-robocall and anti-spoofing bill into law, a New York
bases start-up has launched a new smart-phone that can help owners fight back spammers. The app was
launched at the CES 2020 in Las Vegas. The app uses video to authenticate a phone caller’s I.D.,
increasing the likelihood that a call is answered and helping billions of smart phone owners regain
control over their communications.

In 2019, the complaints about unwanted calls, including caller I.D. spoofed calls filed at Federal
Communications Commission crossed 200,000, making it a major issue with smart-phone users.
Offering a solution to this issue, MobiLine, a New York mobile tech startup rolled out its patented video
caller I.D platform, an app that makes it easy for smart phone users to add a personal video message to
their most important outbound phone calls. On the other side of each call, the receiver will see and
hear a trustworthy, often familiar face before they decide to answer the call live or send the caller to
voice mail.

“While the main reason we started Mobiline was to use video and our smart phones to strengthen the
ties that bind us with friends and family, our app also deliver huge value in our ongoing struggles with
Robocalling and spoofing,” said MobiLine CEO StasBorukhoff.

Here’s How the MobiLine Video Caller I.D. Works:

Send a Video Caller I.D. – Once the app is installed, you can record up to a :15 second video greeting.
Once your message is recorded, you’ll then dial the phone number of your friend or relative as you
normally would.

Receive a Video Caller I.D. – Once the app is installed in your smart phone, recipients of a video caller
I.D. will see an inbound video introduction sent from friends and family, allowing you to see and hear
the face of the caller and understand what the message is about before you choose to take the call live.
While the MobiLine app can certainly be used to help smart phone users take a stand against illegal and
intrusive telemarketing phone calls, the company’s board of advisers see it taking off in the business
world as well, allowing business owners and entrepreneurs to record what is effectively a 15 second
elevator pitch, moving the caller one step closer to closing a deal or making a sale.

“With apps like MobiLine ready to seize the faster internet brought on by 5G, our smart phones will
become more important to all of us, and command more of our attention, than our TV’s,” said

While the number of unwanted spam and spoofing calls increased in 2019, MobiLine founders believe
there will be fewer unsolicited, illegal calls in 2020 and not just because MobiLine will be officially
launched for both Apple and Android users by early April 2020 (currently, the app is available for iPhone
users only).

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