Anu Nakka first Indian American elected to Milpitas School Board



Anu Nakka is the first Indian American to be elected to the Milpitas Unified School District’s Board of Education. She is in fact the first from the community to be elected to any public office in Milpitas, California.

After her victory, Nakka expressed gratitude to everyone who believed in her and trusted her initiatives and supported the campaign. She stated that she was amazed by the support extended by volunteers and denizens of Milpitas. Nakka said that the US has given her a lot and that it is never late for anybody. “If anyone wishes to do something to contribute, it is never too late,” she said.

Nakka will be officially sworn in on December 13 and she plans to start working from day one. Nakka knows that initially, it will be a learning process. She, therefore, has decided that she wants to listen and learn before anything else.

She believes in the power of giving back to the community. During her stay in Milpitas spanning over two decades, she along with her husband and two daughters have always been invested in the community as her family.

Nakka began volunteering at John Sinnott Elementary School’s PTA when her oldest daughter was in kindergarten there. She has spent years involved with various PTAs and has also worked to organize STEM events. After getting the post, she said that her years of contributing to the Milpitas academic community prepared her for this moment. “I believe in getting things done,” said Nakka.

Keen on education since childhood, her love for education blossomed as she grew older. Nakka migrated to Milpitas from India in 2001 to be with her husband. Nakka said that she had never expected to achieve what she has. She added that when she came to the US, she got access to huge resources which increased her potential.

Though she was a newcomer to the political arena of Milpitas, Nakka was supported by various elected officials and community leaders. It was her ability to attract people’s support that helped her ultimately win the election. Throughout the campaign, she underlined three keywords: walk, knock, and talk. Not one to leave anything to chance Nakka says that talking to people one-on-one made a huge impact and difference during her campaign.

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