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A quarterly half-day wellness seminar hope to improve lifestyles in the Bay Area


Ritu Jha


In conventional terms, Naren Bakshi was very successful.

He was a serial entrepreneur, a trustee at the India Community Center, founder of TiE-Rajasthan and charter member emeritus of Silicon Valley and a well-known mentor. His Versata became a $2 billion company traded on NASDAQ.

But something was off.

Naren Bakshi

“I neglected the most important thing – my health,” Bakshi, now 75, told indica.

By the time he was 60 an unhealthy lifestyle saw him negotiating obesity, diabetes and sleep apnea.

Bakshi said that is why he has started ICC Wellness in partnership with ICC, the American Association of Physicians, the South Asian Heart Center and TiE-Silicon Valley.

September 29, these organizations are hosting their first quarterly wellness seminar, ‘Health Meets Technology.’

This special half-day event is to be held at the FalconX Event Auditorium in Milpitas, California from 8:00 am to 1:00pm. According to a press note, it builds on ICC’s Health Summit, ‘Cracking the Wellness Code,’ held July 8 this year. It showcases technology-enabled health solutions for reversing diabetes, stress management, and precision nutrition factoring in the patient’s genetics and gut bacteria. It aims to provide its participants with the tools to achieve a state of complete physical, mental and social well-being leveraging technology and modern tools.

The idea is to create an understanding of how technology can harness modern wellness techniques, and how continual monitoring and predictive analytics, can help modify lifestyles and change behavior to optimize performance.

“We are not talking about one-time event but a major initiative that continues yearlong,” said Bakshi. He aims to reach millions across the globe, create awareness and educate and inspire people about the need for a healthy lifestyle.

His primary goal is to teach this to South Asians,

Bakshi said he has formed a team, consisting of Summit Chair Dr Pankaj Vij, and co-chairs Raj Desai, Shri Chawla and Seema Giri.

According to the press note the half-day conference will focus on evidence-based solutions that use technologies such as smart sensors, artificial intelligence, genomics, biomics and wearable technology to help individuals get healthier.

The speakers are to cover a range of topics, including aging, use of technology in diabetes and empowering one’s DNA to improve metabolic health. Speakers include Brenda Schmidt, founder and CEO, Solera Health; Ranjan Sinha, CEO of 3TandAi; Dr Robert Browning, director, and senior trainer at HeartMath; Dr Cate Collings, a cardiologist, the president-elect at the American College of Lifestyle Medicine and director of El Camino Hospital’s Cardiopulmonary Wellness Center; and Dr Aubrey de Grey, a biomedical gerontologist

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