Audrey Truschke’s anti-India stance due to disruptions in family business of conversions?


 Audrey Truschke, an Associate Professor at the Rutgers University in the US, has been in the headlines for the past few days.

She is one of the key speakers in the upcoming event “Dismantling Global Hindutva”. Her knowledge and academic works on Indian history is not only regarded as distorted but completely manipulated and biased. She rose to the mainstream after the launch of her book “Aurangzeb: The Man and the Myth”.

Presently, she is known to be one of the most controversial figures in India due to her derogatory remarks on Hindu Gods. Her sudden upsurge as an academician and historian with an anti-India stance makes it highly imperative for everyone to know her background and the people behind her.

A thread by a Twitter handle ‘@OSINTWa_com’ has exposed Truschke and dissected the reason behind her sudden upsurged attacks on India, its culture and history.

The thread starts by stating that the real story is not “what she is saying” but the story is “who is she” to get to know her ulterior motive.

In-laws and Missionary Business in India

Truschke’s father-in-law Nathan Rehn and her husband Thane Rehn once had a very long and extensive business of church/missionary activities in India.

Nathan Rehn is a lead pastor at the Baptist Church of Monterey, California. He has been associated with the Church since the 1990s. He came to India post 2000 during which he saw a potential of conversion business through the church and later via his NGO. In 2008, he formed an NGO, Bless India Ministries Incorporated (BIMI), with the motto “To Win India For Christ “.

BIMI used to fund crores of rupees annually to the “Christ the King of Kings Ministries Welfare Association” (CKKMWA) headed by Devdas Mekala, one of Nathan’s disciples in Andhra Pradesh. BIMI sent over Rs 6.86 crore to CKKMWA between 2010 and 2017 for the purpose of setting up churches and performing conversions.

During his stay in India, Nathan Rehn continued to open several branches of his NGO for conversion business in Andhra Pradesh, and in Orissa border until 2017. But the Government of India brought in the new Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA) and tightened the noose of thousands of NGOs in India. After that, BIMI stopped sending funds to India via the same channel, which also halted Nathan’s ancestral business in the country.

Since then, Truschke turned against India by resorting to propagating her distorted and manipulated academic works and toying with the Indian history by glorifying the likes of Aurangzeb and deeming India as a fascist state.

OSINTWA in its thread has put forth very well that Truschke’s anti-India and anti-Hindu stance is not a fight about ideology. It’s because her family business was blemished due to tightened FCRA laws by the Indian government.

Deep-links with Pakistan

In yet another thread posted on September 9, OSINTWA exposed Truschke’s deep connections with Pakistani institutions. Before getting established as a historian, Truschke came in contact with some key people not long back.

She met Thane Rehn in 2007, and later got married to him.

Thane Rehn was in India with his father Nathan Rehn in the conversion business. He also visited Pakistan as a summer intern in the Human Rights Commission of Pakistan during the early stages of his career.

In 2007, Truschke also met a Pakistan-origin professor named Manan Ahmad Asif, a historian with critical views and academic works on India. Manan Ahmad played a significant role in establishing Truschke into the entire ecosystem. Both of them attended several events together and promoted each other on various platforms.

Truschke also obtained a fellowship course from the American Institute of Pakistan Studies (AIPS) in 2012-13. AIPS is an organisation with the mission to encourage and support research on issues relevant to Pakistan and promotion of scholarly exchange between the US and Pakistan.

Manan Ahmed is one of the managing trustees of AIPS, while Truschke is still an active member of the institution.

The thread also mentions that prior to visiting Pakistan, Truschke had also visited India in 2006, which she has never revealed or mentioned till today.

Team OSINT did a thorough research which now answers as to why she came, who called her, where she came and what all she did before turning against India.

Truschke’s ulterior agenda behind her distorted academic works on India and derogatory remarks now becomes unconcealed. She blatantly deems India and its establishment as fascist and promoters of genocide. But on the contrary, she herself is an apologist of a genocide maniac like Aurangzeb. She regularly attacks India on the lines of minority freedom in South Asia, but also refrains from speaking about the minority population in Pakistan.

In its latest thread, OSINTWA also stated about coming up with the third part of Truschke’s expose that would explain the people behind her and the nexus that backs her globally.