Bay Area conference to focus on top tech trends

Blockchain, data science, predictive analytics and IoT will be put under the microscope at the Global Big Data Conference


Ritu Jha


The Global Big Data Conference, an annual event in the Bay Area targeting the latest trends in technology, is growing bigger every year.

Organized by the alumni of the National Institutes of Technology’s San Francisco Bay Area chapter, this year’s event will be held at the Santa Clara Convention Center in northern California, April 2 through 4.

Drawing over 200 speakers in a variety of panels, it targets four areas of emerging tech: Global Blockchain; Data Science; Predictive Analytics, and the Global Internet of Things.

Sridhar Muppalla, the GBDC founder and the NIT Warangal brand ambassador, told indica that the conference is expected to bring in around 1,000 people, including from such countries as China, Australia, Europe, UK, Switzerland, Italy, and Germany.

“One of the main objectives is to bring the latest trends happening in these emerging technology so people get exposed to them,” he said. “People in the Bay Area are focused on developing cutting-edge products but they also should get exposed to which use cases are gaining traction in the industry,” said Muppalla, pointing out that this was also a place to meet with decision makers in these areas of development and exchange knowledge about product ideas and features.

“We are bringing the latest technology and [helping people] connect with industry professionals,” he said and proving meeting opportunity with upper-level directors and decision makers where the attendees can exchange knowledge about the product features.

Muppalla pointed out to the huge attention being paid to blockchain, the encrypted form of digital assets that will be highlighted at the conference. He said the issues addressed will include blockchain’s focus on use cases, and scaling and security issues. It will also look at other platforms built on blockchain, such as the open-source Ethereum, and Initial Coin Offering, an unregulated way to collect funds for new cryptocurrencies.

Data science will be another area covered, with attention being devoted to business issues, particularly involving investment. Mike Tamir, head of data science at Uber is a keynote speaker and will be also talking about evaluating fake news.

The keynote speaker at a discussion on applied machine learning and deep learning in health care is slated to be Julie Zhu, director, United Health Group.

Chet Gladkowski, Founder, GAPro, will be keynote speaker at the Global Predictive Analytics Conference and talk about Predictive Analytics and Insurance. The talk’s title? “Now You See It, Now You Don’t.”

In the Internet of Things segment, Edward Lee, a professor at UC Berkeley is to talk about component architecture for IoT; Gemma Garcia Lopez of Stanford University will talk about understanding consumer behavior using emotion analysis.

Muppalla said, “We also want more women to be part of this new technology areas and we are making sure they participate.”

As part of that effort, a women’s panel – including Karpagam Narayanan (founder, eKryp) and Aarthi Srinivasan, director, Target – will talk about women in data science and AI.


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