Biden-Harris to restore America to its greatness after Trump’s follies


If the Democratic party come to office this November, they are keen on reversing many of Trump’s harsh deals and signings.

In the last four years, Trump has made several decisions that has irked many global leaders especially with walking away from Paris Climate Agreement in 2015 and Iran Nuke Deal in 2018.

Now Kamala Harris the Democratic nominated Vice President candidate for 2020 presidential election has pledged to rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement and re-enter Iran nuclear deal to reestablish “our place on the planet” and win back the “trust and backing” of the US’ Asian and European partners if her party wins the presidential race.

At a virtual fundraiser on Friday, she was asked how a Biden-Harris administration would restore the “trust and support of our European and Asian allies.”

In response, Kamala Harris slammed President Donald Trump and pledged to “rejoin” the Paris agreement on Climate Change and “strengthen and re-enter” the Iran nuclear deal.

“Joe Biden and our administration is going to have a massive job to repair the damage done by Donald Trump and his administration, and to restore our place in the world,” she said.

“Part of our strength when, when we as a country, historically, walk into that room around the globe. Part of the strength of our standing it’s not just about our military it’s not just about our economic strength. It’s about the fact that folks believe that when we say something we mean it,” said Harris.

She also added, “We are loyal to our friends that we keep our word, including when we make commitments, be it to NATO or to the Paris agreement that we will follow through. And Donald Trump, he just doesn’t get it. I mean it’s such an extension of his character as a human being I believe that he doesn’t understand the importance of integrity and consistency in one”s word”.

In her remarks, Harris touted Joe Biden’s role in the auto industry bailouts. “What gives me great hope is what we have seen again and again that the American people, when given the opportunity can rise to any challenge,” she said.

“In 2009, when the global economy was on the verge of collapse, President Obama turned to Joe Biden to fortify the American auto industry and help the people of Michigan to do what you do best, drive our nation’s economy forward. And I don’t need to tell any of the leaders on this call. We’re in a crisis again. And thankfully Joe is back,” she said.

“Together, Joe and I will rebuild the middle class and ensure that this time everyone comes along. We will revitalize manufacturing and communities that have experienced mass layoffs and provide small manufacturers with the support they need to compete in a global economy,” she asserted.