Biden has restored Americas Leadership on the world stage

Ajay Bhutoria-


Ajay Bhutoria

Ajay Bhutoria, President Biden Advisor for Asian American Pacific Islander, Native Hawaiian Commission and National Community Leader.


President Biden ran for office with a new economic vision: to grow the economy from the bottom up and the middle out, not the top down. Biden-Harris economic strategy is producing historic results, during his first year in office, due in large part to the American Rescue Plan, entrepreneurship and business investment rebounded, the economy achieved its fastest job growth in American history, the fastest economic growth in nearly 40 years, and a faster recovery than every other advanced economy. President Biden is growing the economy by laying emphasis on Making more things in America, strengthening our supply chains, and moving goods faster and cheaper; Reducing the cost of everyday expenses working families face and reducing the deficit; Promoting fair competition to lower prices, helping small businesses thrive, and protect consumers; and Eliminating barriers to good-paying jobs for workers all across America.

President Biden is committed to ensuring that rural Americans have the opportunity to succeed – and that they can find that opportunity in rural America. This commitment is not just vital for rural Americans but vital for the country as a whole. For centuries, rural Americans have driven the country’s economic growth and provided the country and the world with food and fuel—and they continue to do so today. They are small business owners revitalizing Main Streets.

In its first year, the Biden Administration has made historic investments in rural communities through the American Rescue Plan: slashing poverty and lowering costs, creating jobs and new economic opportunities, and expanding access to health care. President Biden’s Bipartisan Infrastructure Law provides a once-in-a-generation federal investment so that all rural Americans gain access to clean drinking water, are able to use high-speed broadband internet for education and business, and have safe roads and bridges for both people and goods. In addition, the Administration has invested $2.8 billion in coal and power plant communities, ensuring that these communities that fueled our country’s industrial revolution will continue to thrive in decades to come.  A large percentage of small businesses are owned by Asian Americans and a large percentage of Indian Americans own small businesses & directly contribute to the growth of the economy

Our country faces an unprecedented mental health crisis among people of all ages. Two out of five adults report symptoms of anxiety or depression. And, Black and Brown communities are disproportionately undertreated – even as their burden of mental illness has continued to rise. Even before the pandemic, rates of depression and anxiety were inching higher. But the grief, trauma, and physical isolation of the last two years have driven Americans to a breaking point.

Our youth have been particularly impacted as losses from COVID and disruptions in routines and relationships have led to increased social isolation, anxiety, and learning loss.  More than half of parents express concern over their children’s mental well-being. Emergency department visits for attempted suicide have risen 51 percent among adolescent girls.

This youth mental health crisis has been accentuated by large social media platforms, which for years have been conducting a national experiment on our children and using their data to keep them clicking—with enormous consequences. While technology platforms have improved our lives in some ways, there is mounting evidence that social media is harmful to many kids’ and teens’ mental health, well-being, and development. President has called  on Congress to strengthen privacy protections, ban targeted advertising to children, and demand technology companies stop collecting personal data on our children. South Asian Community is impacted by increasing mental health issues among Kids & Youth in our community. Presidents’ Policies will directly help Kids & Youth in our community. Increased funding is needed to provide programs like Yoga, Meditation, 1-1 Counselling with Mental Health coaches and Therapists.

President Biden is laying out a vision to transform how mental health is understood, perceived, accessed, treated, and integrated – in and out of health care settings. The American Rescue Plan laid the groundwork, providing critical investments to expand access to mental health services. Now, far more is needed to ensure that everyone who needs help can access care when and where they seek it.

The President is announcing a national mental health strategy to strengthen system capacity, connect more Americans to care, and create a continuum of support –transforming our health and social services infrastructure to address mental health holistically and equitably.

President Biden campaigned on a bold vision of tackling the climate crisis with the urgency that science demands by seizing the opportunity to build a strong domestic energy sector that can manufacture and deploy clean energy for the benefit of all Americans—with lower costs for families, good-paying jobs for workers, and healthier air and cleaner water for communities.

Biden recently spoke with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other members of the Quad — a four-country alliance spearheaded by the U.S. and India on countering China —  to discuss the ongoing conflict and humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. The leaders agreed to meet in Tokyo in the coming months to reaffirm their commitment to a free and open Indo-Pacific

It is in mutual Interest of America and India to have strong Bilateral Relationships on countering China in Indo Pacific region.

President Joe Biden took office in January 2021, his administration has acted on a number of fronts to reverse Trump-era restrictions on immigration to the United States. The steps include plans to boost refugee admissionspreserving deportation relief for unauthorized immigrants who came to the U.S. as children and not enforcing the “public charge” rule that denies green cards to immigrants who might use public benefits like Medicaid.

In fiscal 2019, the U.S. government awarded more than 139,000 employment-based green cards to foreign workers and their families. The Biden administration’s proposed legislation could boost the number of employment-based green cards, which are capped at about 140,000 per year. The proposal would allow the use of unused visa slots from previous years and allow spouses and children of employment-based visa holders to receive green cards without counting them against the annual cap. These measures could help clear the large backlog of applicants. The proposed legislation also would eliminate the per-country cap that prevents immigrants from any single country to account for more than 7% of green cards issued each year.

The Biden administration is expected to review policies that led to increased denial rates of H-1B visa applications under the Trump administration. Biden also proposed legislation to provide permanent work permits to spouses of H-1B visa holders.

Biden’s proposal would expand access to family-based green cards in a variety of ways, such as by increasing per-country caps and clearing application backlogs

Biden  came into the White House vowing to restore American leadership on the world stage. Biden has rallied world leaders, tapping his deep foreign policy experience to reinvigorate old alliances. President Biden have spent spent literally hours and hours and hours and hours keeping the alliance together – the EU, Nato, and Asian allies, and US has been able to ramp up economic pressure on Putin and further isolate Russia on the global stage and Punish Putin for his unwanted war on Ukraine.

America’s approach to the world is undergoing a major shift, with the U.S. wars in Afghanistan and Iraq concluded, and conversations over Islamist terrorism no longer at the fore.

President Biden is leading America into a New Era with its Leadership restored on the world stage, an American return to the moral high ground.