Biden, Trump square off in first presidential debate, trade insults


President Biden and former POTUS Donald Trump locked horns in the first presidential debate on Thursday night. The 90-minute affair saw the two share their take on the economy, abortion, the Middle East, the Jan. 6 attack, Trump’s recent criminal conviction and more.

The debate was hosted by CNN in Atlanta. Anchors Dana Bash and Jake Tapper served as moderators. The show, which did not allow any studio audience, used high-tech microphones. These microphones allowed the speakers to know when it was their time to speak by turning on a green light. Similarly, the microphone was turned off when it was not the candidate’s turn to speak.

“Mr. Biden stumbled through many of his answers early on in the debate, and sounded like he was losing his voice, apparently because he has been battling a cold. While he improved over the course of the night, he often lost his train of thought and struggled to communicate his positions on a variety of issues,” reported CBS News.

“Trump sounded energetic in comparison, even as he mischaracterized his record and many of the president’s positions throughout the night. He lied repeatedly about a variety of topics, including abortion, his recent criminal conviction and Mr. Biden’s immigration record,” the report added.

The President’s performance also left many of his fellow Democrats alarmed. “I’ve never seen a freakout like this,” one House Democrat told CBS News.

Kate Bedingfeld, President Biden’s former White House communications director, expressed her concern about his performance. I don’t think there’s any other way to slice it,” she said live on CNN. “His biggest issue was to prove to the American people that he had the energy, the stamina — and he didn’t do that.”

Meanwhile, President Biden called his predecessor a “whiner” while the latter was answering whether he will accept the election results in November.

“I will, absolutely, there’s nothing I’d rather do,” Trump said. The Republican said he would have accepted the 2020 results but added that the “fraud and everything else was ridiculous.”

Countering Trump, Biden said, “I tell you what, I doubt you’ll accept it because you’re such a whiner.”

“The idea if you lose again, you accepting anything, you can’t stand the loss, something snapped in you when you lost the last time.” the President added.

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