Big B compares human beings in lockdown to caged animals


Actor Amitabh Bachchan has compared human beings in lockdown to caged animals, in a new blog post. He added that once the lockdown phase is over, we might feel hesitant to step out of our homes.

“The process of �working from home’ bears fruit each day.. and when the day arrives, for arrive it will, when the doors shall open.. there could be hesitant indulgence on whether to step out or not.. cage an animal for years and years and years , and then suddenly one day just open the doors and see its reaction.. it looks out the door, takes a hesitant step out.. glances up at it keeper with that puzzled expression.. what.. you mean I can actually leave.. seriously?” he wrote.

Big B further opined: “We are in the same syndrome.. all of us.. most of the initiation has already begun.. wire it , cut the paper work, draft it and mail, ConCall it na.. ya ya he’ll be at home — no one’s stepping out.. etc., etc., etc…”

Not just his blog, the actor also shared some lighthearted humour about the situation on Twitter.

He tweeted in Hindi: “Achha ek aur baat taye hai, in dino, jab phone aye, toh yeh bhi nahi kaha ja sakta ki saheb ghar mein nahi hai…” (These days if someone tries to reach you via a phone call, then you cannot escape talking to that person by making someone else say saheb is not at home!)