Big B feels shades help to hide facial defects caused by age


Sunglasses are an amazing thing, feels Bollywood icon Amitabh Bachchan. The veteran actor seems to be in love with shades these days. He feels sunglasses help a person hide facial defects caused by age!

Big B took to Instagram early on Monday to share a couple of photographs where he wears shades.

“Yaar ye chashmein ka fashion kisne banaya.. hain ?? Pun jo bhi banaya.. sahi banaya. Aankh ke chaaron taraf jo gadbad, yani age defected ho gaya hai na.. wo chip yani hide ho jaata hai.. (Buddy, who created this fashion of specs.. huh? But whoever did so.. did the right thing. All that’s not right around the eyes, defects caused by age.. get concealed..” he wrote.

Many fans commented saying “age is just a number” when it comes to Big B.

“Still can’t imagine you are 77. You prove it everyday that age is just a number. Looking younger than other actors,” a fan wrote.

Another expressed: “But sir you are evergreen. You have already proved it that age is just a number.”

While fans from Egypt, Iran and other parts of the world showered the actor with love, they also appreciated him for his “witty” nature and “relatable” posts.

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