Biocon arm to offer digital therapy for those taking insulin


Biocon Biologics is collaborating with the Paris-based Voluntis to offer digital therapy for type 2 diabetic patients taking insulin, the Indian company said Tuesday.

“Our digital therapeutics product Insulia provides automated insulin dose for diabetic patients to self-manage their condition and help doctors remotely monitor their progress,” the company said in a statement.

Insulia, approved by the US Food and Drug Administration and certified by the European Union regulator, makes automated titration recommendations for basal insulins.

“The demand for at-home treatment and telemedicine solutions is increasing the world over, with healthcare systems offering reimbursement for patients eligible for digital therapeutic solutions,” said the statement.

By leveraging digital therapeutic solutions, the company plans to focus on enhancing the patient experience.

“We believe pairing our products with a digital therapeutic solution will help improve patient outcomes and reduce costs to healthcare systems,” said Biologics chief executive Christiane Hamacher.

A doctor can prescribe Insulia online and adjust the dose as per the patient’s specific needs. The user will receive an activation code to get started with a personalized app. Once downloaded, the app uses blood glucose readings and hypo symptoms to recommend doses in real time.

“By combining digital and therapeutic solutions, we aim to transform treatment experiences and advance new business models. The collaboration will help patients achieve outcomes,” said Voluntis chief executive Pierre Leurent.