NASSCOM, VentureLink@NJIT and Choose New Jersey to create a launchpad for businesses

indica News Bureau- NASSCOM, or the National Association of Software and Services Companies, signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) Monday with VentureLink@NJIT and Choose New Jersey to promote trade through innovation, investments and technology partnerships. NASSCOM is India’s premier trade body and the chamber of commerce for the information technology industry and comprises over 2,800 […]

Indian-American couple’s $250mn gift helps build US med college

Arun Kumar-   An India- American doctor couple’s “impossible” dream to build a state-of-the-art medical college to advance healthcare in Florida and internationally to underprivileged communities in India and Africa has come to fruition with their $250 million gifts. Zambia-born India-educated cardiologist Kiran C. Patel and his wife, pediatrician Pallavi Patel performed a ribbon-cutting ceremony […]

Google faces biggest investigation yet in the US of its internet business practices

indica News Bureau-   Fifty attorneys general from across the United States have banded together to investigate whether Google’s online advertising practices violate the country’s antitrust laws. The bipartisan move could result in a broad legal challenge to the company’s internet market dominance. Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (Rep) and Washington, DC, Attorney General Karl […]

Google to ban ads for unproven medical techniques

IANS-   Under a new health care and medicines policy, Google has announced to ban online ads for ‘unproven or experimental medical techniques,’ such as most stem cell therapy, cellular (non-stem) therapy and gene therapy. “We know that important medical discoveries often start as unproven ideas — and we believe that monitored, regulated clinical trials […]