Entrepreneurship helps female empowerment

Frank Islam   Entrepreneurship in India today takes many forms. It ranges from entrepreneurs running neighborhood stores, to those establishing businesses in emerging cutting-edge areas such as information technology, media and entertainment, and life sciences, to start-up operations related to new national initiatives such as Make in India. One of the things that those successful […]

TiE Silicon Valley talks marketing

Marketers at TiE event extol the joys of mingling creativity and tech while maintaining old values   Ritu Jha   There is something about personalized marketing, the kind that corner stores back in the 1800s would recognize, that no new-fangled method can – be it all AI-driven conversational, account-based or influencer marketing.   That came […]

TCS accused of discrimination

An economics professor said there was evidence of bias in the way South Asians were terminated compared to locals   Ritu Jha   Former employees of Tata Consultancy Services Ltd told the jury in an ongoing trial at the Northern District Court of California, Oakland Division, the company discriminated against individuals who are not South Asians. […]