Zoom domains targeted by hackers as use surges with COVID-19

indica News Bureau- While the world is struggling with the Coronavirus outbreak, many countries have implemented precautionary measures. Schools are being closed, communities are asked to shelter-in-place, and many organizations have enabled their employees to work remotely. As a result, video communication platforms have become a daily norm. As the usage of these platforms increased, […]

Old versions of iOS and Android obsolete for Whatsapp

IANS   Numerous users using older versions of Android and iOS were unable to use WhatsApp from February 1 as the devices using the older versions of the operating systems became outdated.    According to WhatsApp, a messaging platform owned by Facebook, the move was made to protect the security of millions of users over […]

2 major security flaws detected in Microsoft Azure Cloud

IANS- As Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella emphasized on keeping Azure Cloud secure with integrated end-to-end identity, security and compliance solutions, cybersecurity firm Check Point on Thursday revealed that it identified two major security flaws in Microsoft Azure last year which have now been fixed. The researchers at Israel-based Check Point discovered that a user on […]

Seattle residents allowed to vote via smartphones

IANS- Smartphones have made voting easier, as King County in the US state of Washington, where Seattle is located, implements mobile voting in their board of supervisors election. This is the first-time mobile voting is available to all eligible registered voters. Previous pilots in other jurisdictions were limited to overseas and military voters and/or voters […]

Indian astronauts to go into space next year

indica News Bureau- As part of India’s Gaganyan Mission, scheduled for December 2020 (uncrewed) and December 2021 (crewed), three Indian astronauts will travel to space next year in the spacecraft designed by Indian Space Research Organization. The training of the four astronauts, each in their mid 30s to 40s, identified by ISRO, will begin in […]

Silicon quantum bits establish long-distance relationship

IANS- A team based at Princeton University in the US has demonstrated that two quantum computing components, known as silicon “spin” qubits, can interact even when spaced relatively far apart on a computer chip. “The ability to transmit messages across this distance on a silicon chip unlocks new capabilities for our quantum hardware,” said leader […]