Dr Feryal Ozel on Sagittarius A* black hole

Mayank Chhaya in conversation with Prof.Dr. Feryal Özel. A team of astronomers has zeroed in on a long-theorized supermassive black hole at the heart of the Milky Way and produced its first picture. “The gentle giant”, as it has been described, has over long periods devoured the equivalent of 4 million suns whose only remnants […]

Apple sues former Indian-origin employee, Cal startup for stealing chip secrets

Apple Inc has sued Santa Clara-based ‘stealth-mode’ semiconductor startup Rivos and two former employees, Indian-origin Bhasi Kaithamana and Ricky Wen, for allegedly stealing trade secrets to build a chip lineup. IANS reported. In a lawsuit filed in California, the iPhone maker said Rivos launched a “coordinated campaign” to attract Apple employees and encouraged them to […]

TiEcon 2022: Dadgar of HashiCorps discusses company structure and transparency

Ritu Jha- The IndUS Entrepreneurs(TiE) Silicon Valley seems to be opting for the young and restless over the tried and tested, picking young entrepreneurs over high-profile industry personalities for its opening grand keynotes. At its annual TiEcon 2022 conference, TiE SV called on first-time entrepreneur Armon Dadgar, 30, co-founder and CTO, HashiCorp, a multibillion-dollar company […]