Donald Trump “unfit to be President”, says his former NSA John Bolton in new foreword

John Bolton, the U.S. National Security Adviser (NSA) under Donald Trump, has said his former boss is “unfit to be President” and warned, “If his first four years were bad, a second four will be worse,” according to excerpts quoted by several media outlets. In a new 18-page foreword to his memoir ‘The Room Where It Happened’, which is out in paperback now, Bolton paints a dire picture of what Trump’s return to the White House for a second term could do to America.

Anti-human trafficking activist and writer Saket Soni on how The Great Escape was crafted

Saket Soni’s ‘The Great Escape: A True Story of Forced Labor and Immigrant Dreams in America’ is a novel that takes its readers through the trials and tribulations of Indian immigrants who dream of living in the US. The eye-opening, emotional page-turner exposes the treatment meted out to immigrants and the fallout from globalization. This astonishing narrative of 500 foreign workers from India lured to the US under false pretenses and entrapped in near-slavery conditions is written by Soni, a labor leader who devised a plan to free the immigrants and ultimately win these people citizenship.

Indians constitute the largest number of Einstein’s social media fans

By Mayank Chhaya- Indians constitute the largest number of admirers of Albert Einstein on social media, says the official manager of the social media accounts of the physicist who emblematized the idea of genius. Benyamin Cohen, an award-winning writer and journalist whose latest book ‘The Einstein Effect’ will be released on July 18, says, “Sometimes […]

What does India stand for at 75? Rajmohan Gandhi (Book Review)

In the 20th century, the global media spoke of democratic India “as a hope-giving marvel”. Today, the country is “in the hands of diligent leaders and dedicated organizations whose first commitment is not to democracy or equality” but Hindu nationalism, leaving out the biggest question of “What does India stand for”, writes biographer and historian, and Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson, Rajmohan Gandhi as he reflects on the state of the nation in the 75 years since Independence.

Leading British scientist warns of “perilous, all-pervasive, climate breakdown”

Mayank Chhaya- With Earth experiencing a rash of extreme heatwaves, wildfires and floods across its length and breadth,  a leading UK scientist has warned that it is no longer possible to avoid “perilous, all-pervasive, climate breakdown.” Bill McGuire, emeritus professor of geophysical and climate hazards at University College, London, says in his book “Hothouse Earth”, […]