Maryland temple works to include LGBTQIA

Influenced by younger Hindus, temple works to make everyone feel included   Ritu Jha   A Maryland temple hosted a town hall to create awareness and to make queer Hindus feel more included. The event themed, “Creating Spaces for LGBTQIA Hindus,” was held at the Sri Siva Vishnu Temple, in Lanham, Maryland earlier this month. […]

40 years of a Ramayana production

Exposing students to learn other views and realities may argue an openness much of the US – and India – are yet unprepared for   Ritu Jha   Treat everyone justly, even if they are your enemies. This was the lesson from the Ramayana for Carl Ward, who plays in the 40th-anniversary production of the […]

Our showman in Hollywood

Raj Kapoor has been quietly growing in stature, these days being the best known for his production work on the Oscars Ritu Jha   Raj Kapoor may share a name with the legendary figure of Hindi cinema, but the Hollywood-based creative director and producer would laugh off any comparisons. Kapoor has a long history in Hollywood, […]