NASA’s human computer Katherine Johnson dies at age 101

IANS- Katherine Johnson, a woman mathematician who was one of NASA’s human “computers” and inspiration for the acclaimed movie “Hidden Figures”, passed away on Monday. She was 101. Johnson calculated the flight path for the first space mission of the US and the first moon landing. In a statement, NASA Administrator James Bridenstine said: “Our […]

 Imtiaz Ali & Anurag Kashyap to open IFFLA 2020

indica News Service-   The Indian Film Festival Los Angeles(IFFLA) will begin with a special evening with Imtiaz Ali, one of Hindi cinema’s most respected and charismatic writer-directors. The program will feature an on-stage conversation between Ali and director Anurag Kashyap, an acclaimed IFFLA alum and a veteran of Indian independent cinema, credited for Ali’s […]