Speaker Pelosi orders Trump’s impeachment to proceed

Arul Louis- House of Representatives’ Democrat Speaker Nancy Pelosi ordered the impeachment to proceed on Thursday with the framing of charges of jeopardizing national security against President Donald Trump for a trial in the Senate. The historic announcement came after about two months of investigation by House of Representatives, making it only the third time […]

2 Indian students dead in US hit-and-run

IANS-   Two Indian students were killed in a hit-and-run incident in the US state of Tennessee, with the accused surrendering himself to the police, media reports said. The accident took place on Thanksgiving Day on November 28 and the victims were identified as Vybhav Gospisetty, 26, and Judy Stanley Pinheiro, 23, who were both […]

NASA finds Vikram moon lander’s debris

Arul Louis-   NASA has found the crash site and debris of India’s Chandrayaan-2 Vikram moon lander following a tip from an Indian space enthusiast who examined pictures of the area of the moon taken by a US orbiting camera. The site was located by Shanmuga Subramanian, who on his own scoured the pictures taken […]

Harris aide resigns, criticizes candidate and campaign.

indica News Bureau- An aide on Sen. Kamala Harris’ presidential campaign staff resigned last month, writing in her resignation letter that she had  “never seen an organization treat its staff so poorly,” according to The New York Times. Kelly Mehlenbacher, state operations director who was working on her third presidential campaign, penned the screed after […]