Mo-Joe show keeps Pu-Xi out

Monkeys are in abundance in the streets of New Delhi this time of the year, not today – they have been scared away by paintings of larger apes on sides of buildings. The capital city has taken on a colorful, if carefully choreographed, look. Murals celebrating Indian heritage, cultures and diversity, wild-life and topographical richness are at every corner, floral decorations and fountains adorn many roundabouts, streets are decked with streams of lights as if it is the festive season. In a way, it is, and the capital city is all dressed up and raring to go.

Bragg bags Don. Beggars something bigger

In 1872, Ulysses S. Grant, the 18th President of the United States of America was racing a two-horse buggy against his friends on the streets of Washington, DC. DC Police Officer William West, a Black Union Army veteran, caught him speeding, the second time in two days. Officer West stuck out his hand asking President Grant to stop, which he did. Grant drove West to the police station in his own carriage, where an arrest was processed. Members of the racing party were made to put up bail of USD 20 a head, about USD 430 today, and released; Grant walked back to the White House. 

Morally Hazardous Future of Careless Banking à la SVB

In a previous life I was a Banking Analyst but I never covered SVB Financial Group (SIVB). This morning I had a chuckle looking it up on Yahoo Financials. “Undervalued,” declared the automated ratings genie. The fact that the same day SVB’s deposits and loans were acquired by First Citizens Bancshares of Raleigh, NC, after weeks of turmoil, made Yahoo’s prognostication more poignant; maybe Yahoo has a point there.

Rise, Roar, Revolt and Walk Away

We have seen “RRR (Rise, Roar, Revolt)” – all three hours and seven minutes of it – in a single Netflix binge last year. Previously we were told about the outlandish special effects, and a dance tune that everybody was raving about. We were ready for, maybe, ten minutes of a quick browse before moving on. Lo and behold, we were at the end and did not realize where these hours went.

Partha Chakraborty: The reason for the Adani hullabaloo

Partha Chakraborty says: The headline on Hindenburg Research’s site screams murder, almost, in white against a black background. Published on January 24, it reads “Adani Group: How the World’s 3rd Richest Man Is Pulling The Largest Con In Corporate History”. The impact was swift and severe. Per FactSet, a data and research outfit, the combined market cap of seven publicly listed companies in Adani portfolio halved to $110 billion.

Partha Chakraborty: Let Memphis be the change Minneapolis was not

Partha Chakraborty opines, Since the George Floyd murder we have been in a holding pattern as far as real reform goes. Memphis points to a way forward – authorities’ response was quick and decisive, streets are quiet, there is a reckoning that police are here to serve and protect, and a reconfirmation that most blue are truly the finest a community can offer.