The Idea of India

As we start to celebrate the 75th year of Independent India, it is a good time to remind ourselves the idea of India. Bollywood, the biggest – and arguably the best – cultural export of India has, rightfully and very admirably, been at the forefront of experimentation with templates that stuck over time. One early example was set up by the first talkie, “Alam Ara”, released in March 1931.

Neeraj Ek Khoj

Most throwers make “an attempt to throw the javelin as quickly as possible, don’t draw their throwing arm as far as they could. The longer they delay releasing their arm, the more distance they can get… Arm delay is something, you keep trying to drill into an athlete’s head. Today, perhaps just the best five throwers have that quality…Neeraj already has that ability.” – Gary Calvert, Coach for India’s Javelin team in 2016.

Critical Race Theory erases Indian American experience

Academic life in social sciences is supposed to be a lonely pursuit of interpretations. Not often does an academic theory emerge that energizes, also repulses, so many of the people outside of the Ivory Towers. And rarely, if ever, one emerged that managed to do exactly that in such a short span as Critical Race Theory has done. School districts, universities and Fortune 500 corporations are rolling out orientation programs that are “informed by” the theory while many schools retooled their curricula to incorporate the theory in classrooms as young as kindergarteners. On the flip side, some states are passing laws that prohibit the teaching of the same.