Bhasmasur has taken over India

Justice Markandey Katju, Chief Patron, Ibadatkhana Foundation   A meeting of the core group of the Ibadatkhana Movement set up in the Bay Area of California under the leadership of Tasawar Jalali, Chairman, Ibadatkhana Foundation ( email ) to combat the evil communal forces which have taken over the government of India, was held on […]

A Cause for Concern

Yajurvindra Singh-   Mental health seems to be the new area of concern among cricketers. Players, especially from Down Under, are the latest in the list of cricketers who realize that they need therapy and help. Counselling is what they feel will put them back on track to play the game at the top level […]

A French Revolution is coming in India

  Justice Markandey Katju-   All indications are that some kind of French Revolution is coming in the Indian subcontinent, as I have said in my articles ‘India edges closer to its own French Revolution’ published in the, ‘The stormy petrel is on its wings’ published in, and ‘Why India is headed for its own […]

Growth in Mobile Use for FinTech

Rajat Singhania-   Mobiles due to Technology have driven a huge growth and entered a new era of data induced solutions. For more than a decade, mobile devices have transformed based on their users’ wish lists and with the progress in this transformation our telecom industry has also undergone a drastic change in technology and […]

The coming Ibadatkhana Function

Justice Markandey Katju- A meeting of the preparatory committee for the Ibadatkhana Function ( see my article ‘ The Ibadatkhana Movement ‘ online ) was held on Tuesday, 12th November at Mirchi Restaurant, Fremont, California. It was decided that the Ibadatkhana Function will be held on 8th December at a suitable venue. Several decisions of […]

The Sikh Community

Justice Markanday Katju-   Today, 12th November, is Gurpurab, the birth anniversary of Guru Nanak ( 1469-1539 ), the founder of the Sikh religion. It will be celebrated by Sikhs all over the world. There are about 27 million Sikhs in the world, of which 83% live in India ( only 1.72% of India’s population […]

The changing tide of cricket

Yajurvindra Singh- Cricket, as one popularly terms it, is a way of life. The British established the game in every corner that they were present and made it into an elite sport. The famous saying, “cricket is a game for a real live man, keep fit little man, keep fit”, sums it up beautifully. The […]