135 million Horatii are needed in India

I don’t wish to horrify or scare anyone, but my guess is that about 135 million Indians will perish in the coming mighty historical struggle, which may last 10-15 years or more, and will culminate in setting up of a political and social order under which India rapidly industrializes, and our people get a high standard of living and enjoy decent lives, with proper jobs, adequate incomes, nutritious food, proper healthcare, and good education, etc.

The three little pigs did it – we can do it too

Gopi Mattel- Gopi Mattel, based in silicon valley, serves as General Partner and CEO at Lifeboat Ventures, a venture fund that creates disaster impact mitigation startups. He is the Founder/CEO of CellarStone, Inc., Director at Founder Institute, and Advisor for Pepperdine University’s Most Fundable Companies program. The views expressed are his own.   The fourth worst storm to make landfall […]