The way forward for the Afghan people

Justice Markandey Katju-   I have written this article in view of recent events in Afghanistan, and my high regard for the Afghan people, who have suffered so much. King Amanullah (1892-1960) of Afghanistan is one of my heroes. Although he failed in his effort to modernize Afghanistan (where Kemal Mustafa of Turkey had succeeded), due to […]

Indian-American Aditya Vashistha receives the Google Faculty Research awards

indica News Bureau Indian-American Aditya Vashistha has received the Google Faculty Research awards. Vashistha is an assistant professor of Information Science at Cornell University.  Among the five projects which were selected for the awards included, Boost the performance and predictability of cloud computing services, improving the computer models used to predict disease and online harassment […]

Jamaat campaign against India led to US hearings, resolutions on Kashmir

Aarti Tikoo Singh- Two Islamic charities, linked to the banned Islamist outfit Jamaat-e-Islami, ran a persistent disinformation campaign against India leading to hearings and resolutions on Kashmir in the US Congress last year. IANS investigation has alleged that Islamic Circle of North America (ICNA) and its self-described “sister organization” Helping Hands for Relief and Development […]

“Live and Don’t Let Die”

Partha Chakraborty- I tried to imagine a Congressional Mosh Pit on the floors of the US Senate playing Guns N’ Roses yesterday.  I have not the slightest clue about musical predilections of elected representatives, would not be surprised if a good number actually loved the band. Given current realities, a mosh pit anywhere is verboten, […]

Marching Forward And Moving Upwards

Vinita Gupta- It is something we can and must do when external and social pressures seem to derail us. These are challenging times with COVID-19 but will prove that mankind has an innate ability to rise. Empathy, compassion, and morality have risen over the last 100 years, yet negativity seems to be increasing. Pessimism does […]