To the Indian NRIs in Silicon Valley

Justice Markandey Katju –   While in North California I met many Indian NRIs who are working in Silicon Valley, either in an IT company or as an entrepreneur. One of them was a young man from Andhra Pradesh who seemed to me an idealist. He told me he was planning to go back to […]

Sanjiv Bhatt


Justice Markandey Katju –   ‘J’accuse’ (or, I accuse) was the name of the letter ( sent in January 1898 by the famous French writer Emile Zola to the French president, accusing the French government and army for jailing Captain Alfred Dreyfus ( in Devils Island for several years on the false charge of espionage […]

The coming Great Turbulence

    Justice Markandey Katju –   I wish I could wish people a happy new year, but I regret I cannot since I just cannot be a hypocrite. The truth is that from this year India is going to enter into an era of what can be called the Great Turbulence, which in my […]

The true role of art and literature

Justice Markandey Katju –   In poor countries such as India, art for art’s sake amounts to escapism. The people are thirsty for good literature. If someone writes about their problems, it will be popular. India faces gigantic problems today. In some States, farmers and weavers are committing suicide. Prices of essential commodities are skyrocketing. […]