The mob lynching of Charvaka

Apart from religious philosophies in ancient India, like Vedanta, there also came into existence a materialist philosophy called Lokayata, the philosophy which denied the existence of god, soul, angels, spirits, an afterlife, and other supernatural or metaphysical things, and did not accept the authority of the Vedas.

Mo-Joe show keeps Pu-Xi out

Monkeys are in abundance in the streets of New Delhi this time of the year, not today – they have been scared away by paintings of larger apes on sides of buildings. The capital city has taken on a colorful, if carefully choreographed, look. Murals celebrating Indian heritage, cultures and diversity, wild-life and topographical richness are at every corner, floral decorations and fountains adorn many roundabouts, streets are decked with streams of lights as if it is the festive season. In a way, it is, and the capital city is all dressed up and raring to go.

Justice Markandey Katju: Udhayanidhi Stalin’s rant against Sanatan Dharma

Justice Markandey Katju writes: In my opinion, there would have been nothing wrong if Udhayanidhi had spoken only against the caste system (to which I too am opposed) without referring to Sanatan Dharma. If he had apologized and said that he was only against the caste system the controversy would have come to an end. But perhaps that is too much to expect from a Crown Prince.