Mohandas Gandhi not as Mahatma but a self-assured man of epic conceit

On the 75th anniversary of Mohandas Gandhi’s assassination today, it is only becoming that we liberate him from the shackles of Mahatmahood and view him for what he really was—an astoundingly self-assured man with a strong moral compass as well an astute understanding of the human condition.  Couple that with an epic conceit to devote his entire life to causes of enormous consequences and yet not be attached to it all.

Labor of Love: Kolkata man gets silicon statue of wife who died of Covid in 2021

Love, they say, knows no bounds and, for the steadfast, even death cannot do them part. Kolkata’s Tapas Sandilya epitomizes eternal love. This retired government employee never stopped missing his wife, Indrani, after she passed away in May 2021, during the second wave of Covid. To once again feel the reassuring presence of his loving wife beside him, Sandilya has got a lifelike silicon statue made of her.


Tourism and Hospitality sectors in San Francisco face extreme on-going challenges. For the last decade or so, the steady decline in tourism has had a cascading ripple effect across multiple allied industries resulting in systemic and significant revenue losses and problems that continue to drag down the trends across the board. Political window-dressing and a misplaced sense of romantic nostalgia of “I left my heart in San Francisco (Tony Bennett 1961)”, are proving detrimental to visitor confidence- with both those contemplating a visit to San Francisco as well as those who paid a visit and faced its shocking reality.