Indica Weekly Window for South Asian Diaspora July 31, 2023

Manipuri minorities hold protest in Oakland, California against rioting back in India Mani Krishnan of Shastha Foods: ‘No need for panic buying of rice’ San Francisco bids farewell to Consul General Dr. TV Nagendra Prasad Third Indian-American enters 2024 US presidential race Indian American NY state senator Kevin Thomas announces Congressional run India’s UN Ambassador […]

Earth as a Cosmic Oasis

By Mayank Chhaya- Two British paleobiologists are reasserting Earth’s uniqueness in the universe as a living planet even while the search for life elsewhere in the cosmos has gained great urgency in recent years. Jan Zalasiewicz and Mark Williams, both professors of paleobiology at the University of Leicester in the United Kingdom, are challenging the […]

Indica Weekly Window for South Asian Diaspora July 24, 2023

Interview with SVB MD Andy Tsao: Rebuilding trust can’t happen overnight California State Senator Aisha Wahab: SB 403 simply protects all people from caste discrimination Indian Americans rally against Khalistani groups targeting diplomats in US, Canada CoHNA hosts event to discuss Hinduphobia, caste with Indian Americans, researchers, lawmakers Indian American Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi introduces bill […]

Indica Weekly Window for South Asian Diaspora July 17, 2023

‘Caste’ almost erased, ‘Ancestry’ added in amended California caste-discrimination bill SB 403 China playing a catalyst in India-America closeness: Economic policy analyst Sean Randolph Khalistan supporters brandish sword, shout anti-India hate outside San Francisco consulate Pro-Khalistan protester in San Francisco: ‘India is oppressing Sikhs and other minorities’ BITSync 2023 J. Robert Oppenheimer, atom bomb and […]

Indica Weekly Window for South Asian Diaspora July 10, 2023

FBI joins San Francisco consulate arson and vandalism investigation California’s Caste Discrimination bill SB403 clears Judiciary panel, Assembly to vote soon ‘Shocking act of violence… unacceptable’, says Consul General Nagendra Prasad on Khalistani vandalism Indian American doctor charged with attempted murder of family asks for mental health treatment California State Senator Josh Becker on vital […]

Trump is in serious trouble over his indictment, says his former NSA John Bolton

Mayank Chhaya- John Bolton, former National Security Advisor to Donald Trump, has described the indictment of the former president as “very powerful, carefully tailored and devastating that should end his political career.” This is even as the Republican Party largely remains in the former president’s thrall calling his prosecution on charges under the Espionage Act […]