Witness the Landing – Cryptocurrency

With a combined market cap in the trillions, cryptocurrencies are a force to be reckoned with.  Public confidence in crypto waxes and wanes on a daily basis, as reflected in the volatility of the price. Cryptocurrencies are the ingenuity of technology.  They are a new form of currency, but also a payment system, like credit cards. The users of cryptocurrency — stored in their digital wallets — can trade goods and services with it.

2021 Forethought

VINITA GUPTA- Vinita Gupta is a Silicon Valley Entrepreneur and was the first Indian-American woman to take her company public. Since retiring, she has propelled herself through her journalism, mentoring women entrepreneurs and playing competitive bridge at the highest levels. She has won several National titles in bridge.   Can the pandemic modify our thinking […]

US Healthcare – Beauty and The Beast

Vinita Gupta-   People of means fly to the US to get the best medical treatment… The pandemic has exposed the strengths and weaknesses of the American healthcare system, the pharmaceutical industry, and collaboration between public and private health.Epidemiologists are outspoken about different rates of infections, and Big Pharma can engage in price gouging while […]

Marching Forward And Moving Upwards

Vinita Gupta- It is something we can and must do when external and social pressures seem to derail us. These are challenging times with COVID-19 but will prove that mankind has an innate ability to rise. Empathy, compassion, and morality have risen over the last 100 years, yet negativity seems to be increasing. Pessimism does […]