CEOs of Google, Microsoft, and Apple come together for America 

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“We stand in support of racial equality, and all those who search for it,” the message read on the Google home page.

Sundar Pichai, CEO of Alphabet and Google, tweeted, “Today on US Google & YouTube homepages we share our support for racial equality in solidarity with the Black community and in memory of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery & others who don’t have a voice.”

The US homepage of Google and YouTube on Sunday saw a black ribbon, showing solidarity for protests against the death of George Floyd.

Just as the country was slowly opening up after the relaxation of COVID-19 restrictions, the riots spread faster than the virus across the United States, stretching from New York to Los Angeles.

As it’s gaining momentum, top tech CEOs have come out in expressing solidarity with people of color, especially the African-American community.

Like Sundar Pichai, Microsoft’s CEO, Satya Nadell, in a note a to his employees, said that very-day racism, bias, and hatred in the news today is not new and we must have empathy for those who are scared and uncertain.”

“I know it’s not enough to just have empathy for those impacted, for the communities who are experiencing this hate, firsthand, who are scared for their safety, and their loved ones,” Nadella said.

He also added, “Join me and everyone on the senior leadership team, in advocating for change in our company, in our communities, and society at large.”

Apple CEO Tim Cook stressed that right now, there is a pain deeply etched in the soul of the nation and the hearts of millions.

“To stand together, we must stand up for one another, and recognize the fear, hurt, and outrage rightly provoked by the senseless killing of George Floyd and a much longer history of racism,” Cook said in a memo to employees.

“That painful past is still present today e not only in the form of violence but in the everyday experience of deeply rooted discrimination. For all of our colleagues hurting right now, please know that you are not alone and that we have resources to support you,” he added.

There is no doubt that companies like Apple, Google, and Microsoft wouldn’t have grown unless they embraced diversity in all matters. In times like these, it is heartening to know that these companies practice what they preach.