CII engages with US and Indian govt. to minimize coronavirus lockdown impact on businesses

indica News Bureau-
Trying to keep the business sector from facing the brunt of coronavirus, the Confederation of Indian Industries (CII) has taken proactive measures to ensure that the Indian industry is quickly adapting to the emerging COVID-19 conditions with minimal impact on business continuity.
In an official statement released on Thursday, the CII said, “By increasing our interventions in policy advocacy, support services, competitiveness-building, and information dissemination, CII is engaging with the governments of India and the US at the highest levels and has issued numerous recommendations for sustaining the economy, issuing prudent fiscal and monetary policies, and supporting sectors throughout the crisis. Recommendations have been shared with RBI, SEBI, the Ministry of Corporate Affairs and State Governments of India, and are being prepared for the US Administration.”
Adding that the safety of millions of people going through the tough times is the priority and appreciating the decision taken by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Chandrajit Banerjee, Director General, CII in the statement said, “The world is currently passing through a challenging period due to the spread of COVID-19. Safety of people across the world is of paramount importance while ensuring that the epidemic does not infect more and more with each passing day. The Government [of India] has taken commendable initiatives in creating awareness, identifying necessary health facilities for citizens and restricting the spread. Hon’ble Prime Minister has announced a nationwide complete lockdown and has issued several notifications to ensure public safety.”
He added, “In this scenario, in addition to the proactive measures CII has taken to promote business continuity via government interventions, CII is disseminating information through various platforms including social media. The information includes good individual and business habits at the workplace and for personal use, a compilation of central and state government and regulatory authority advisories and notifications, a compilation of all CII recommendations, collation of best practices by leading corporates as guidelines and policy measures being taken by other countries to combat the coronavirus.”
HelplinThe CII has also launched a dedicated e Service to give prompt attention to our membership issues and concerns during the COVID-19 pandemic.
CII’s North America India Business Forum held a teleconference on 23 March 2020 with India’s Ambassador to the US, Taranjit Singh Sandhu, and the Acting Deputy Under Secretary for International Trade, US Department of Commerce, Diane Farrell to address business concerns amid the global COVID-19 crisis.
CII is consolidating inputs from the meeting and are pursuing member’s concerns with relevant authorities in India and the US.

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