Columbia City gets first-ever Indian American woman as a Council member


A first-generation Indian American woman who ran for City Council-at-large in Columbia, South Carolina has won the election, defeating Tyler Bailey.

Dr. Aditi Srivastava Bussells, who ran as a non-partisan candidate, becomes the first Indian American woman to serve at the local level in the history of South Carolina.

Now an at-large member-elect of the Columbia City Council in South Carolina, she assumes office on January 4, 2022.

Bussells is a fierce advocate for economic growth, community investment, and equitable opportunities in Columbia. She is an ardent supporter of the idea that a healthy community goes hand-in-hand with a healthy economy.

According to her election campaign, she has personally experienced what a thriving community can provide for children and families to succeed.

It is this belief that has kept her passionate and engaged in public service, whether it’s helping communities make decisions using sound science, or building relationships across sectors to find innovative solutions to problems.

She contested the election because she believed that everyone, regardless of their zip code, deserves to have equal opportunities to thrive. She believes that government should be accountable to people, not politics.

During her campaign, she said, “From knocking on doors to ensure residents complete their census to providing expert guidance on public health in the city, my goal has always been to ensure our communities have the resources and knowledge they need and their voices are heard.”

Professionally, Bussells is a public health researcher and oversees several state-wide initiatives that support family and child health and well-being. She received her Ph.D. in public health at the University of South Carolina. Her spouse Louis Bussells is a frontline worker and army veteran.