Congress spokesperson Gaurav Gogoi: ‘Canadian politics has turned a bizarre turn’


Amid the sharp escalation in diplomatic tensions, triggered by Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s allegation of Indian involvement in the killing of a Sikh separatist leader on its soil Congress leader and MP Gaurav Gogoi said that “Canadian politics has turned a bizarre turn” in last couple of years.

Gogoi was reacting to a social media post of Jagmeet Singh, Leader of Canada’s New Democratic Party. Gogoi further said that pandering to local voters can cause harm to the strategic interests of Canada on the global stage.

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“Canadian politics has turned a bizarre turn in the past few years. This is statement of Opposition candidate for the position of Prime Minister. It shows how pandering to local voters can dent the strategic interests of a country on the global stage. Canada needs to dial it down,” posted Gaurav Gogoi on X (formerly Twitter).

Taking a jibe at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for his allegations on India for its involvement in the alleged killing of the Khalistani leader Hardeep Singh Nijjar, Canada’s opposition leader Pierre Poilievre has said that he should come out clean with all the facts in order to make judgements.

In a media address on Tuesday, Poilievre said, “I think the prime minister needs to come clean with all the facts. We need to know all the evidence possible so that Canadians can make judgments on that.”

Poilievre’s remarks came in response to a media query that asked what more should be done as an Indian diplomat was expelled by Canada.

“The prime minister hasn’t provided any facts. He provided a statement. And I will just emphasize that he didn’t tell me any more in private than he told Canadians in public. So we want to see more information,” Poilievre said.

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