Congress will set up an NRI Affairs Ministry, says MP Deependra Singh Hooda at Silicon Valley

Ritu Jha–

Congress MP Deependra Singh Hooda (above center) promised to set up an NRI Affairs Ministry in Haryana if Congress comes to power in the state and criticized the BJP-led Central government blaming it for failing on all fronts. Hooda spoke at an event in Silicon Valley organized to celebrate the San Francisco chapter of the Indian Overseas Congress on November 25.

“Haryana population is fast increasing in the diaspora of the US and Canada,” Hooda said. “We will set up an NRI affairs ministry in Haryana after we come to power.”

Hooda exuded confidence as he ventured to forecast the poll results for assembly elections in several states of India. “Congress will win in Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Telangana and Rajasthan. In Haryana also we will win. BJP has sullied India’s politics.”

Hooda said that the partisan approach of the Narendra Modi-led government has hit Haryana the worst. “Armed forces recruitment from Haryana fallen drastically from 5500 to 900. Farmers are being pushed to the edge. They have protested in Delhi but the government remains unmoved and unsympathetic. Haryana has recorded the highest rates of unemployment in the country. Our youths are depressed and turning to drugs. Sports too suffered injustice during the BJP rule. Earlier this year, female athletes accused a BJP MP of sexual harassment and have been demanding justice. People of Haryana are selling their properties and are migrating by any means, legally or illegally, to the US and other foreign destinations,” he added.

“It is time to end this era of misrule in Haryana, we will win in the 2024 assembly elections. But this can only be possible when the diaspora plays an important part.”

On the Indian diaspora in the US, he said: “Today our country has established its identity as a leader in the IT sector, but the foundation was laid during the tenure of late former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi. Due to the revolution that started then, many of you have reached Silicon Valley and become brand ambassadors. One of them is Sam Pitroda. Even at the age of 82 he is still a huge source of inspiration and has been leading the Indian Overseas Congress to new fronts with a lot of enthusiasm.”

Sam Pitroda, chairman of the Indian Overseas Congress, told indica, “We are here to celebrate the San Francisco chapter of IOC. This is part of a series of five events we had planned in the New York, New Jersey, Dallas, San Francisco, and Los Angeles. The idea is to really energize the Indian community to really think through what kind of a nation India ought to be.”

Pitroda said, “Democracy is at stake in many parts of the world. It is at stake in India mainly because institutions have been captured, civilian society has been undermined, and scientific, logical, and rational mindsets have been eroded. You cannot have a normal conversation with people without getting into religion, hate, or into conversations that divide people.”

On the all-party alliance, INDIA, Pitroda said: “It’s an alliance that believes in an India rooted in diversity, inclusion, and secularism. They are all from different parties, and there are bound to be some differences, which is healthy. We don’t want a dictatorial idea of India. We want healthy conversation and I’m all for disagreement.”

Mohinder Singh Gilzian, president Indian Overseas Congress USA, who flew with his team to Silicon Valley told indica, “We are planning to mobilize all over the US. The idea is to urge Indian Americans to help INDIA and Rahul Gandhi. We have a leadership of major parties and we are like a family.”

Gilzian , who joined as Congress IOCUSA president in 2018, told indica, “During the June 4, mega program held in New York attended by Rahul Gandhi, over 4,500 people attended.  They came by themselves. We want our old India back.

“When I became IOCUSA president in 2018, we had only 100 members now we have 2000 members. Every week we host meetings in  adifferent city and reach out mainly to green card holders. Our goal is to reach 10,000 before election. There is a small membership fee, $20 for two years, and we tell people to join if you like Congress ideology and so what I see people who are neutral are coming to us,” Gilzian said and added they are not BJP followers but 25 to 30 percent who were neutral are coming and want to see change, not people selling nafrat ki dukan, we have mohabbat ki dukan.

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