Coronavirus- Indian origin marketer working in US writes song on Coronavirus

Manish Chandra Mishra-

Though people have been forced to stay cooped inside their homes and not wander outdoors to flatten the curve of the spread of coronavirus, creativity is high among people who are inventing new ways to spread the awareness related to the virus.

Citizen Danish Siddiqui, a digital marketer from India is working in Dallas, Texas. Cooped up inside his apartment and working from home, Siddiqui started learning the ukulele through an online tutorial to utilize his free time after work.

He has now written a song titled ‘Virus’ where he conveys awareness related to novel coronavirus. The lyrics of the song state the virus does not see religion, creed and social status or educational qualifications of a person, and is spreading from one person to another, multiplying faster than imaginable.

Speaking to indica, he said that it was not only an awareness song but also a part of his assignment for the online music class and he had watched a movie recently that gave him an insight into the nature of viruses.

“The virus is inert to ethics and values, which is a significant feature. It’s not like the virus will spread only among the people of a certain ethnicity or those who have different food habits. Vegetarian, non-vegetarian, Indian, American, Hindu, Muslim, Sikhs, Christians all are equally at risk. This was just an attempt from my side to tell people that their safety is in their own hands,” he said.

The lyrics of the song are- 

“Dharam jaat, nahi pooch-ta,
 Aukaat, nahi poochta,
Kaha se ho nahi poochta,
Kitna padeh ho nahi poochta,
Badhane apni aabadi ,
Vo agli gad ko khojta,”.