Crucial for India, allies to support efforts in Ukraine peace: US


After Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi met Russian President Vladimir Putin, White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre urged New Delhi to support international efforts for a peaceful resolution in the war-torn country, leveraging its longstanding relationship with Moscow to encourage Kremlin to end the war.

Further speaking about the war, she emphasized that it is crucial for all allies, including India, to support efforts towards a peaceful resolution in Ukraine. The White House Press Secretary also reiterated that India is a strategic partner with whom the US engages in frank dialogue, including their relationship with Russia.

“India is a strategic partner with whom we engage in full and frank dialogue, including their relationship with Russia and we’ve talked about this before. So we think it’s critical that all countries, including India, support efforts to realize an enduring and just peace when it comes to Ukraine. It is important for all our allies to realise this,” she said.

Jean-Pierre stressed that President Putin alone can end the war, which he started. “The US believes India’s relationship with Russia positions it to encourage President Putin to take this step,” she added.

“We also believe India’s long-standing relationship with Russia gives it the ability to urge President Putin, to end his brutal war, an unprovoked war in Ukraine. It is for President Putin to end. President Putin started the war, and he can end the war,” Jean-Pierre added

The White House remarks came after the Indian leader met Putin at his Novo-Ogaryovo residence in an informal meeting on Monday, where the two leaders covered prospects for further development of relations between Moscow and New Delhi.

Also, the two leaders discussed the situation in Ukraine and further comprehensive discussions were held on Tuesday.

Notably, Modi and Putin have met 16 times over the past 10 years.

After arriving in Moscow, the Indian Prime Minister said he looks forward to further deepening the “Special and Privileged Strategic Partnership” between the two nations.

In a post on X, PM Modi stated, “Landed in Moscow. Looking forward to further deepening the Special and Privileged Strategic Partnership between our nations, especially in futuristic areas of cooperation. Stronger ties between our nations will greatly benefit our people.”

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