Debate divide: Both camps claim victory in presidential slugfest


Just like the first presidential debate between President Donald Trump and his Democrat challenger Joseph Biden, Jr, reactions to the first showdown before November 9’s big fight were combative from both camps.

Indian-American community representatives from both camps claimed victory in the first United States 2020 Presidential Debate that was held at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland, Ohio, Tuesday.

Vish Mishra, a Republican and a veteran Silicon Valley venture capitalist, however, told indica News he was not satisfied with the debate.

It was a mean-spirited debate and both hurled insults at each other and both evaded questions about their plans,” said Mishra.

I don’t think it helped the undecided which should have been the goal of the candidates. They need to see and hear more in the next two debates.”

However, he said, after watching the first debate many may sit out during the next two.

In my view, they both lost, while they tried to explain their known positions,” said Mishra.

Another Republican supporter Dr Suru Manek, author and member of the Indian American International Chamber of Commerce, felt Trump won handily and Biden had no substantive ideas.

Manek believes that the moderator did not let Trump complete his questions and remarks.

He said Trump was debating the moderator and Biden.

He said that Trump has achieved so much but there was no question on war, no immigration issue; foreign affairs about North Korea, NATO, Iran, Middle Eastern Peace deal, Syria, ISIS, etc.

Biden had to dump Bernie Sanders and the Green Deal. The left must be flabbergasted,” Manek told indica News.

He believes the Tuesday debate had all going for Trump. Biden was cornered into saying “he” was the Democratic Party. And Biden called Trump a clown, shut up, and such derogatory words.

Manek said: “The Spanish TV channel Telemundo summoned up as Trump won by 66 percent.”

Ritesh Tandon, a Republican running from California Congressional district 17, told indica News that Biden in his first debate revealed there were deep divides in the Democrats.

Actually, first of all Biden did not support Bernie Sanders platform, there are deep divisions in Democrats,” said Tandon.

Tandon felt the law enforcement issue worked for Trump. “I believe law and order is key for this country and safety of our Americans,” Tandon said

Joe Biden could not name a single law enforcement group that supports him. “He’s talking about defunding the police. He has no law enforcement support,” President Trump said.

Sorry to see Joe did not support Bernie’s platform,” Tandon repeated. “Medicare for all, free tuition, Green Deal by Bernie, has no value in Biden’s party.”

He said that it was “sad to see Democrats would like to keep economy shut down till November 9. Most of the Democrats states are suffering.”

Amar Shergill, the first South Asian-American to lead the Progressive Caucus of the California Democratic Party, told indica News that Biden won the debate with his “poise under fire, competence, and, perhaps most of all, by showing real concern for doing whatever it takes to build a better future for our nation.”

Trump’s failure to clearly condemn white supremacy was his defining moment in this debate,” `Shergill said. “He is still doing everything he can to divide our nation while Vice President Biden has committed to being a President for all of us.”

He said: “Trump still hasn’t come to terms with his failure in handling Covid-19 and the tens of thousands of additional American deaths due to his incompetence. His comments on our public health crisis show that he still does not understand basic principles like encouraging everyone to wear a mask.”

He added: “Vice President Biden laid out a clear plan to improve health care in the country while Trump was forced to admit he does not have a plan other than stealing health insurance from millions of people and eliminating coverage for those with pre-existing conditions.”