Disney film ‘Spin’ aims to break the mainstream media stereotype of Indian Americans


The upcoming Disney film ‘Spin’ revolves around an Indian American family. The move is an attempt to spar a conversation on breaking the stereotype and right representation of the Indian-American community in the mainstream media.

The movie features Indian actor Abhay Deol who is very excited to play an important role.

“The right representation of Indian-American community in cinema is so crucial here and very slowly the US film industry has started to doing and Disney is surely playing an important part here,” said the actor.

He added, “There are those nuances that American television and cinema really did not explore in an ethnic community. This film ‘Spin’ is an attempt to redefine what we perceive an American looks and sounds like.”

The story of the film revolves around a 15-year-old Indian girl Rhea Kumar and her dream to become a DJ. She has a passion for creating DJ mixes that blend the textures of her Indian heritage and the world around her.

Her life revolves around her eclectic group of friends, Molly, Watson and Ginger, her after-school coding club, her family’s Indian restaurant and her tight-knit, multigenerational family, which has only grown closer since her mother’s passing.

Everything changes when she falls for aspiring DJ Max and a long-lost fervor for music is re-ignited. Rhea discovers that she has a natural gift for creating beats and producing music but must find the courage to follow her true inner talent.

“I have many family members who feel that they are more of an Indian than American when they are in the USA. But when they come to India, believing their roots are here so the people would accept them here in India, they realize how American they are,” Abhay said.

This is why the story of the film ‘Spin’ is important. We are trying to say that it is about a sense of belonging. Your parents could come from a different culture and settled in USA few generations ago but what the new generation should look forward to is to integrate. This film will show that if you are born and brought up in America, you are American,” said the actor.

‘Spin’, directed by Manjari Makijany and also featuring Avantika and Meera Sayal, releases on August 15 on Disney International HD and Disney+ Hotstar Premium.