Distinguished Leadership Award for Raja Krishnamoorthi

Raja Krishnamoorthi, Indian-American U.S. Congressman from Illinois, has been honored with the Distinguished Leadership Award in recognition of his outstanding career and dedication to public service, PTI reported.

Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White presented the award to the 48-year-old Democratic leader, who has been serving as U.S. Representative for Illinois’s 8th congressional district since 2017, last week.

Secretary White presented Krishnamoorthi with a personalized license plate ‘RAJA’ In honor of his “outstanding career and dedication to public service” and hoped it would serve as a reminder of the state’s gratitude for his “exceptional service to this state and our nation”.

Krishnamoorthi said it was a true honor to receive an award for leadership from a man of Secretary White’s character and record.

“It strikes me that getting an award for leadership from Jesse White is like having Michael Jordan tell you he likes your jump shot,” the Congressman remarked. “Regardless of the uniform he has worn or office he has held, Secretary White has been a trailblazer, never caring about who gets the credit, only what difference is made for the better.

“We have seen that during his tenure as Illinois’s most successful and longest-serving Secretary of State, in the General Assembly, and as a community leader in countless other endeavors, notably as a mentor and coach,” he added.

The Congressman said further that it was fitting that an organization that bears White’s name embodies so much of his character. The Jesse White Tumbling Team has helped change more than 18,000 young people’s lives for the better since he founded it in 1959, he noted.

“I’m grateful for this award and for the inspiration Secretary White has provided and continues to provide for everyone committed to public service,” Krishnamoorthi said.

The citation said Krishnamoorthi’s dedication to public service for more than two decades is worthy of recognition. ‘You have dedicated your life to serving Illinois in various capacities. You have been part of the Attorney General’s office as a special assistant attorney general, a member of the Illinois Housing Development Authority and a deputy state treasurer,’ the citation read.

‘As a member of the U.S. House of Representatives, you have passed legislation influencing education, job training, workforce development and public health initiatives. You have been an advocate of good government, the need to increase national security and the necessity of expanding international relations,’ it added.

Raja Krishnamoorthi was born into a Tamil-speaking family in New Delhi, India. His family moved to the U.S. when he was only three months old.

’Your personal journey has been an inspiration to those in Illinois and throughout the United States,’ the citation by White continued. ‘Born in India, your family moved to Buffalo, New York, to pursue their dreams and to provide you with a wealth of opportunities.

‘In Peoria, Illinois, you received your high school education and graduated as valedictorian from Peoria Richwoods High School. Your educational path took you to Princeton University and Harvard Law School, where you graduated with honors. Your remarkable work ethic and achievements prepared you to accomplish great things as a member of Congress.’